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About Gezderazi Company

Two decades ago, when Gazdrazi Trading Group was being formed, Iran's customs was not as extensive as today, and the offices of this company and its employees had not yet reached the current number, which is more than 50 people. We have to admit that carrying out export and import affairs in a country like Iran that is under sanctions and companies expect new law or customs tariff almost every day and every hour, has made Gezdrazi's experts incredibly knowledgeable, so that they are always ready for any condition and have acquired the ability to use new scenarios in various situations.

Our Branches

Gazdrazi Trading Company has more than 50 human resources and experts in various fields such as banking, insurance, transportation, tariffs, etc. as well as independent offices in important areas such as Dubai, Bushehr and Tehran. We are ready to accomplish all your trading affairs.
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About Gezderazi

How do we create value for you?

Although we believe that we are still at the beginning of the journey, but the following approaches have helped us to create great values for our dear customers after years of experience in doing trading services:

Being ahead of time with rational anticipation of customs changes

Due to the economic conditions of Iran and exchange rate fluctuations, there are usually many changes in the field of tariffs and customs laws. Gazdrazi's experts with a proper understanding of these situations, are always trying to stay ahead of possible changes and by knowing the customs conditions, taking advantage of past experiences and before the customers are affected by these changes as well as giving the necessary warnings, take required actions to complete the process of customs clearance.

Reducing the prime cost of goods within the framework of customs laws

The prime cost of goods is one of the most significant variables whose amount has a direct impact on a business transactions. Gazdrazi's experts, including experts in tariff, insurance, transportation, product valuation, foreign bill, etc. by providing effective approaches and reducing costs related to each department, try their best to minimize the prime cost of goods, so that you take the most advantage of your transactions.

Helping to finance companies

According to the management policies of Gazdrazi Company, it is possible that when the customers are not able to pay the costs related to their customs and trading affairs, the payment of the costs will be done by our company and after delivery of the goods, the paid costs will be received from the customers.


Individuals who have worked in business transactions, know that in many cases, the confidentiality of information related to a transaction, including the price of goods, the identity of the transaction party, and even the country of transaction, is extremely matter to the product importing or exporting company. Gazdrazi's experts and employees are well aware of the fact that a merchant must make many efforts to reach a commercial agreement at a reasonable price that both sides of the transaction will benefit from, and if his transaction information is revealed, his position may be compromised very quickly by other merchants. Therefore, one of our most significant responsibilities is to protect our customers' information.

Online and up to date information about customs regulations and violations

Gazdrazi expert team always try to be up-to-date and as soon as customs circulars are issued or customs processes are changed, they quickly inform customers and consider these changes and their effects in all aspects of their work process.

Not spending additional and illegal charges

Unfortunately, some companies due to the lack of sufficient information in legal fields and specialized knowledge in customs affairs, try to compensate some weaknesses by paying additional charges in order to carry out customs affairs. This issue will force merchants and merchandising companies to spend additional charges. The management of Gazdrazi Company always tries to exempt its customers from paying these extra and non-essential costs and uses all its legal and specialized capacities in this field.

Accurate and specialized preparation of documents

Accurate and specialized preparation of documents will help you to easily defend your right in the customs of the country of origin and destination or even the courts of these countries in case of any problem. For instance, not paying attention to the rules defined by the country of origin or destination is one of the common problems that sometimes causes you loss and even no clearance of goods at customs. The Gezdrazi team, with full knowledge of all parts of the import and export process, prepares your necessary documents in a specialized way.

High rapidity of action

According to the economic situation of Iran and the world, at any moment, due to various reasons, the entry or exit of goods may be prevented or its customs tariff may change. So, it is better to clear the goods from customs as soon as possible. We are here to do it for you.


Our Services

Gazdrazi Company declares its readiness for any cooperation in the following fields with companies, manufacturers, artisans, sellers, agencies and other companies:

  • Specialized clearance of all goods from all countries with skilful and expert staff
  • Car, heavy and agricultural vehicles clearance
  • Customs affairs consulting
  • Carrying out all banking affairs
  • Order registration and all related internet services
  • Remittance and obtaining foreign currency preferences
  • Obtaining all necessary authorizations for import and export, Standardization, numbering, etc...
  • Global purchase of goods
  • Export and import of any goods from all Iranian customs
  • Customs clearance in Dubai and Sharjah
  • Transit goods from the United Arab Emirates