The set of actions that are carried out in order to release imported and exported goods from customs by the owners of the goods or their legal representative is called goods clearance. To clear your goods from customs, you will need to provide documents, pay duties and taxes, etc. Therefore, customs clearance is one of the most significant and main stages of exporting and importing goods.

Gezdrazi Trading Company with its experienced experts will carry out all matters related to goods clearance and commercial affairs in the shortest possible time.

Customs Clearance Process

Clearance of goods is one of the most important services that will be provided in Gezdrazi Trading Group from A to Z with the highest possible accuracy. If you have experience in this field and your activity is related to clearance of goods, you definitely know that this issue has certain complications and should be done by an expert.

In this section of Gezdrazi Group's services, we will completely explain the customs clearance procedures, step by step and provide details about each step:

Step 1: order registration

Order registration is the first and most important step that must be done for customs clearance. The invoice preparation, packing form and order registration through the Ministry of Industry and Mines are done at this stage, and then in order to register the goods specifications in the relevant system, we enter the order registration department, bill of lading, warehouse receipt, inspection certificate and certificate of origin and then we will go to other sections of customs clearance.

Step 2: Registering the declaration in the system

At this stage, you should refer to the official website of customs at and register your declaration. To declare the goods at customs, you will need documents such as final import declaration, bill of lading, copy of commercial card, order registration permit, proforma, packing list, exploitation license, etc.

The amount of the entry fee will be calculated at the stage of completing the declaration, and this increases the importance of accuracy in completing the declaration form. At the end, the system will give you a serial number and a reference number.

Step 3: obtaining a cottage in the shortest possible time

At this stage, your documents are checked and after the final approval, you will be assigned a cottage. One of the most important capabilities of Gezdrazi Trading Group is that it will get the cottage in the shortest possible time.

Step 4: checking the goods on the route

The goods will be placed in one of the three green, yellow and red routes for examination by the expert. In order to get more information about these three routes, in this section, we will explain theme below:

Green route

If the goods is placed in the green route, it means that the items mentioned in the declaration such as the value of the goods, tariff and other specifications are approved and it will directly enter the payment stage. In that section, if a permit is needed, the process of obtaining the permit is done immediately in the same section, and finally customs and tax payments are made and the goods are prepared for loading.

Yellow route

At this stage, the expert must examine the goods and check the documents, tariff and type of goods, and then the goods enter the stage of obtaining a permit. After obtaining the permit, the goods finally go through to the next steps for approval and loading.

Red route

The red route is a different route in which the goods are first evaluated by an expert, and after the specifications of the goods are checked, the relevant expert determines the value of the goods and the authenticity of the documents, and then the rest of the steps are carried out until the goods are loaded.

Step 5: Obtaining the necessary permits

Your desired goods may need to obtain some special licenses and certificates. These certificates include standards, telecommunications, atomic energy, medical equipment, Ministry of Roads, Jihad, etc. At this stage, Gezdrazi Group will obtain the licenses related to your goods as quickly as possible.

Stage 6: Conformity of tariff and documents

The experts will match the customs tariff of the goods with the documents of the goods and re-check the permits of the previous stage and if the documents are correct, they will confirm it.

Step 7: Issuing the receipt

After the final confirmation, an amount is paid by the owner of the goods in cash, and then a green customs clearance slip is issued, and the owner of the goods must take the necessary actions to clear the goods from customs.

Step 8: issuing the goods loading permit

At this stage, the clearance document for the desired product is issued and loading is allowed. At this stage, the cost of storage, including the cost of loading and unloading, keeping the goods in the warehouse, insurance of the goods, etc., must be paid.

Step 9: Start loading goods

After going through all the steps and after checking the customs green permit by the warehouse keeper, the owner of the goods will receive the goods from the customs warehouse keeper and can enter the vehicle to load the goods. In the last step, the goods are re-checked and allowed to exit the customs.

Clearance Company

A company that has a legal personality and carries out the clearance of goods after receiving the necessary permits as the legal representative of the owner of the goods is called a clearance company. A clearance company must be completely familiar with all procedures and rules of customs clearance.

Gezdrazi Trading Group, with more than 15 years of experience in this field, assures you that it will be with you until the end of the clearance process.

Customs Clearance Rules

Clearance of goods in various countries has different rules and traders will be obliged to comply with them, and in case of non-compliance with these rules, the goods will be recognized as contraband and it will result in legal punishment.

If you make a mistake at the stage of entering information in the forms related to goods clearance, the amount of your customs fee may increase. The familiarity of Gezdrazi company's experts with the laws related to clearance of goods will ease your mind about the complicated steps of this matter.

Customs Clearance Fees & Charges

The cost of customs clearance usually depends on the method of transportation, the type of goods, the volume of the goods, and the value of the goods and the time of the goods clearance. In the customs clearance process, various costs must be paid, which usually include the cost of freight transportation, unloading, laboratory fees, product inspection, etc., and the owner of the goods will be responsible for paying these costs.

These fees will be charged independently of the entrance fees. The entry fee includes commercial profit and four percent of the customs value, which is received by the Iranian customs.

Gezdrazi Trading Company by considering your economic interests, tries to carry out the executive operation of goods clearance in the best possible way.

Duration of Customs Clearance

The duration of customs clearance is of great importance in business profitability and depends on several factors. Usually, obtaining the required permits before the goods enter the customs will speed up the clearance of the goods. To calculate the duration of customs clearance, you should also take into account the duration of the goods' stop at the customs.

According to the laws, imported and exported goods must be cleared from customs at a certain time. Merchants are liable to pay a fine if they do not clear their goods from customs on time.

The duration of the goods stop at the customs also depends on various factors and according to the rules, this time will be different for all types of goods (the stop period for imported food is less than the stop period for industrial equipment and supplies).

In general, the duration of the goods stop at the customs is announced for about three months and it can be extended for 2 months by submitting a written request of the owner of the goods and a valid reason. In order to reduce the time of customs clearance, you can entrust the clearance of your goods to Gezdrazi Trading Group.

Gezdrazi Trading Team, with comprehensive planning and taking advantage of the high experience of its experts, carries out the procedures related to the clearance of your goods in the shortest possible time and without the need to spend additional costs.