Air transportation

Air transportation is one of the systems for transferring goods and cargo between different cities within a region or different countries. Utilizing this type of service requires comprehensive knowledge and information about it. In order to send and receive your goods more quickly, you can take advantage of various methods available for this purpose.

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What is Air Transportation?

First, it is better to examine this concept in a general and broad sense. The movement of passengers or goods using domestic or international air routes is referred to as air transportation. To transport passengers and cargo, various types of aircraft are used. For this reason, the field of cargo transportation is completely different from passenger transportation.

Advantages of Air Transportation

International air transportation or the air transportation system in Iran has many advantages compared to other methods of transportation and shipping. These advantages include the following:

Speed of Transportation

The high speed of transporting goods is the first advantage of the air transportation system. With this method, you can send or receive your goods in a short period of time.

High Security

Another advantage of air transportation is its high level of security. Due to the reduced vulnerability of goods and packages and the shorter duration of transportation, it can be said that air transportation ensures a high level of security for sending this type of cargo.


In air transportation, there is no need for infrastructure costs such as roads, railways, and so on. Therefore, this method of cargo transportation is more cost-effective compared to other methods and making it more affordable for owners of goods.

Absence of Obstacles

Transporting goods and cargos via sea, train, and land can be challenging and difficult between multiple countries. Physical obstacles such as inappropriate geographical conditions, infrastructure issues, customs, etc., can result in increased transit time for goods to reach the destination country. Therefore, it is important to understand the lack of obstacles in air transportation and know that the air method does not encounter any of these problems.

Key Factors in Air Transportation

In air transportation services, there are several significant components that can impact both the outcome of the transportation system and the time it takes to achieve results. It is important to be familiar with these factors and consider them when deciding whether you want to utilize this transportation system or not.

These important factors include the volume of goods, the price of goods, and the delivery time of the goods. It is evident that with an increase in volume and price, the transportation costs will also increase, and this is entirely logical. On the other hand, if postal items are required to reach their owners quickly, it is essential to consider that reducing the delivery time means providing a shorter opportunity and timeframe for the airline transportation company to perform this task, and naturally, it will increase your transportation costs.

Required Documents for Air Transportation

When choosing air transportation for movement of your goods, it is important to know that if your documents are not complete, you will not be able to easily use this system. Therefore, keep these points in mind and ensure that your documents are complete.

The most important documents you need to provide for using this transportation system include your business card, relevant warehouse receipts, health card, certification of standards, licenses related to the legality of the shipped goods, etc.

Types of Flights in Air Transportation

There are three different methods for cargo transportation within the air transportation system. Each of these methods can have its own specific characteristics. To familiarize you further with the types of flights in air transportation, we will briefly explain each of them in the following:

Charter Flights

Charter flights are typically used for short domestic or international routes with relatively short distances. In this type of flight, all seats are exclusively chartered by one travel agency, which is usually utilized for passenger transportation.

Scheduled Flights

The second type, known as scheduled flights, is also designed for passengers. In scheduled flights, it is possible to book tickets up to one month in advance. However, it should be noted that scheduled flights can have different prices and conditions compared to charter flights. If you need to change the time of your ticket, this option is available for scheduled flights.

Commercial Flights

Another type of flight in the air transport system is commercial flights, which are specifically designed for the transportation of cargo. This category of flights includes two methods: cargo and freight.

The cargo method is exclusively used for the transportation of cargos, which is the preferred choice for over 90% of businesses for cargo transportation. However, the freight method is also used for transporting passengers. In this method, we can transport passengers along with their accompanying luggage.

Final Words

Air transportation, which includes both air cargo and passenger transportation is of great importance and in many cases not only one of the few options but also the fastest and most convenient route. If you are looking for the best method to send your goods and postal packages, it is suggested to use the services of reputable air transportation companies and institutions operating in this field.

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