Obtaining Order Registration Permit

Order registration and permits are among the most important steps that any importer or trader must be familiar with and skilled in complying with their regulations. After requesting order registration in Iran's comprehensive trade system (NTSW.ir), every importer requires approval from relevant authorities, each of which has its own specific requirements based on the type of goods the trader is importing.

Obtaining an order registration permit for importation can hold significant importance and is one of the crucial steps in the field of commerce.

In the this article, we will thoroughly examine the process of registering orders for goods, the procedures for obtaining various types of order registration permits, and other related matters in this field. Stay with us to learn more.

Order Registration Permit for Goods

If you are not familiar with the process and procedures related to order registration, it can lead to substantial losses and damages as an importer, many of which may be irreparable. Therefore, it is essential to take action and obtain the order registration permit before your goods reach the customs border. Seek precise consultation and prevent any unnecessary delays and additional expenses.

If you are engaged in import goods and export activities, you surely know that both importing and exporting goods across the country's borders require obtaining an order registration permit. Without obtaining this type of permit, both your import and export operations will face difficulties.

What is Order Registration?

Order registration is essentially the permit issued through the Iran Trade and Development Organization for importing goods, and certain details are recorded in it.

The information included in this order registration permit consists of:

  • Performance Date
  • Applicant Company Name
  • Validity Date
  • Type of Import
  • Type of Contract
  • Entry Border
  • Destination Customs
  • Total File Amount
  • Type of Currency Credit
  • Currency Type
  • Tariff
  • Type of Goods
  • Issuing Organizations

At the end, after the approval from relevant authorities (if required) and the Iran Trade and Development Organization, you will receive an 8-digit code that is non-editable. This code is typically used as a unique identifier for the import file.

Free Consultation

If you lack precise information about order registration permits, it is advisable to seek advice from consultants and experts in this field rather than attempting to navigate everything on your own step by step. One of our primary tasks at Gezdarazi Trading Group in the field of commerce is to provide detailed explanations regarding import regulations and order registration, so that you exactly know the steps ahead. Please Contact us for business advice.

Any individual or legal entity intending to import foreign goods into the country must first have a business card and then proceed to obtain an order registration permit.

How long is the validity of the order registration permit?

Many of the individuals who come to us have this question in mind: How long can we use the order registration permit?

The validity of this permit is six months, meaning that you can utilize it for importing goods within a six-month period. If you do not use the permit during this timeframe, you will need to apply for its renewal.

Types of Order Registration

Order registration has three different types, which include:

  • Purchase from the banking system
  • Purchase from your own or others' export
  • Purchase from your own foreign exchange

Individuals, both natural and legal entities, with a business card can register orders for importing their goods by referring to the ntsw.ir website. It is important to note that since the process involves specialized steps, it is better to entrust it to experts who work with tariffs. By declaring the import duties and determining the correct tariff, they can exempt you from paying additional costs.

Steps to Obtain an Order Registration Permit

To obtain an order registration permit for import and export, you must carefully follow the steps related to this field and proceed step by step. These stages and procedures can make your work easier and facilitate the process of obtaining the order registration permit. Pay close attention to these points and make sure to implement them.

In this section, we will briefly explain the steps to obtain an order registration permit. If you want to know more about this matter, it is necessary to contact our experts at Gezdarazi Commerce and acquire further information. In summary, the steps for order registration are as follows:

  1. Obtain a proforma invoice.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the tariff of the registered goods and determine the appropriate tariff.
  3. Examine the value of the goods in the TSC system.
  4. Examine the value of the goods in the TSC system.
  5. Check the required permits (if needed, obtain them from relevant authorities).
  6. Upload the proforma invoice and complete the order registration process in the comprehensive trade system (ntsw.ir) and obtain the final approval along with an 8-digit order registration code.
  7. Visit an insurance company and obtain insurance coverage.
  8. Take action and present the order registration for the opening of an intermediary bank account for foreign currency transactions related to the desired goods.

Required documents for order registration:

  • Business card
  • Proforma invoice
  • Compulsory standard
  • Obtain the seller's identification number (if required for the specific goods)

Final Words

In this article from the Gezdarazi website, we will explain everything you need to know about obtaining an order registration permit. Our services in this establishment are specialized in determining the value and tariff of imported goods and obtaining relevant permits from the related authorities for order registration and customs clearance of imported goods. Additionally, we handle the follow-up and verification of statistical registration certificates from the Central Bank (foreign currency allocation) and various other tasks in the field of commerce, all completed in the shortest possible time.

Furthermore, if you encounter any issues related to a valid commercial card for import, or if you need assistance from a technical expert for health and food products, you can rely on us.