Trade Consulting

The field of goods trade is facing many changes in all sections, including export and import, which will force commercial companies and merchants to update their information. On the other hand, there are various and complicated laws, regulations, documents and procedures that sometimes confuse traders and occurrence of the smallest mistake in this process will cause them irreparable losses.

Therefore, having sufficient knowledge and information about this field is of great importance. For this reason, traders usually use the business cosultation of trading companies to make their business path safer, easier and shorter. Commercial and trade consulting is possible both face-to-face and online; Therefore, you can choose the type of consultation you want according to your business and goals. Gazdrazi Trading Company has years of experience in providing services in the field of customs consulting and trade consulting.

What is Trade Consulting?

The guidance provided by trade consultants in the field of trading activities to traders is called trade consulting. The trade consultant has a complete knowledge of economic and trade laws and provides you comprehensive information on various methods of exporting and importing goods. Trade and customs consultant also has full knowledge of international trade processes, domestic and foreign laws of countries in the field of trade, customs affairs, import and export procedures, etc. and help traders to carry out their commercial and economic affairs with significant profitability and in the shortest possible time. In the first step, a trade consultant will examine your business goals and target market. Note that using the trial and error method will endanger your economic and commercial activities, for this reason, trade consulting and using the information of experienced consultants in the field of business is of great importance.

Due to the sanctions that have been imposed in the matter of import and export of goods in recent years, Gazdrazi Trading Group provides you with all the necessary information about the documents and conditions of entry and exit of goods, so you can carry out your business affairs in the most convenient way.

Types of Trade Consulting

Trade consulting services have various types that are divided into different groups. It should be noted that Gazdrazi Trading Group has high expertise in providing all kinds of trade consulting. Types of trade consulting are as follows:

Import and export trade consulting

In the field of importing goods, in addition to knowing the laws, it is also essential to examine the needs of the country and the profitability of the goods. In order to export goods, a merchant must know the goods needed by the destination country. Trading affairs consulting can guide merchants to import and export goods in accordance with the rules.

Foreign trade consulting

International trade is a key factor for growth, which has many benefits and complications. Due to the emergence of new technologies, issues such as familiarity with international trade rules and terms (Incoterms), internal laws of trading partner countries, customs regulations and tariffs of countries, the steps of entering and exiting goods from customs, investment steps and methods of attracting and supporting investors will need accurate and timely international trade consulting. Foreign trade consulting with complete mastery of developments and changes in export and import laws of countries can bring you the maximum possible profit in foreign and international trade.

Customs affairs consulting

Export and import of goods can only be done through the customs office, otherwise your goods will cross the border as contraband. Therefore, you should be in contact with the internal and external customs of the countries and be familiar with the matters related to the customs. Customs consulting will give you comprehensive information on how to complete documents and obtain permits for entering and clearing goods.

Goods clearance consulting

Many traders believe that goods clearance is the hardest part of trading. The most important cause of capital loss is lack of knowledge and experience in the field of customs procedures and mistakes in the calculation of amounts such as customs duties and taxes. Clearance of goods from customs is a specialized matter and it is recommended to have consultation with the experts of Gazdrazi Group for import, export and especially goods clearance.

Clearance consulting includes consultation on all stages of customs clearance, and a trade consultant must be with you in all stages of customs formalities. The most significant stages of customs clearance that make the need for an expert trade consultant more important are as follows:

  • Registration of commercial orders for goods
  • Preparation and registration of import declaration or customs declaration in the comprehensive system of customs affairs
  • Obtaining a business card
  • Preparation and submission of required documents for clearance of goods
  • Required permits for import or clearance of imported and exported goods
  • Inspecting goods and obtaining mandatory standard certificates for imported goods that will be subject to mandatory standards
  • Calculation of customs clearance costs

Trade Consultant Duties

If trade consultants perform their duties correctly, your profitability will increase significantly. The most important duties of an import consultant include:

  • Examining and evaluating the domestic market before importing goods into the country
  • Estimating the growth rate of companies' shares
  • Identification of exporting countries in order to import the desired goods
  • Accurate and correct planning
  • Controlling the budget of companies regarding the import of goods
  • Using up-to-date and various imported strategies
  • Evaluation of imported goods
  • Providing correct consultation for online import
  • Customs clearance with less cost and time
  • Order registration

Gazdrazi Trading Group provides you the best commercial services with more than 50 specialized and committed personnel in important customs areas from Dubai to Bushehr.

Benefits of Trade Consulting

The main benefits of using trade consulting in business activities include the following:

  • Facilitating the process of buying imported goods and selling exported goods, as well as concluding business contracts
  • Collecting required documents to submit to customs and related organizations
  • Proposing valid payment methods and opening different types of currency transfers and letters of credit
  • Consulting to carry out actions before transportation of goods (preparation of commercial documents, inspection of goods at the origin, issuance of insurance policy, etc.)
  • Consulting on choosing the best way to contract with international freight forwarders
  • Estimation of the total cost of goods (from the beginning to the destination warehouse)

The benefits of import and export trade consulting include the following:

  • Increase liquidity
  • Providing practical strategies for trading
  • Improving the domestic economy
  • Using profitable international trades
  • Increasing demand
  • Helping to promote various brands in the country

Trade Consulting Fees

Various factors such as the amount of import, the type of imported goods, etc. are effective in determining the cost of trade consulting. In general, there is no specific tariff for the cost of trade consulting, and this cost is not the same in different companies. The cost of consulting will usually be determined based on various factors such as work experience, customer satisfaction, workload, business path, etc. It should be noted that the cost of business consulting is affordable compared to its profit, and it also prevents possible business losses.

However, Gazdrazi Trading Group will not charge you any fees for consulting; since this company tries its best to make customers get the most profit from their transactions and no longer have to worry about things such as import, export, clearance, customs issues, etc.