Customs Clearance in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most important channels for the entry of global products into Iran. The low cost of customs clearance in Dubai and access to global products at global prices encourage traders and merchants to do business with Dubai. Generally, performing customs clearance procedures in a foreign country is a sensitive issue for citizens of other countries and requires sufficient knowledge of international laws and regulations of that country. As a result, a trading company or a professional clearing agent can play a significant role in speeding up the customs process and preventing common problems in the field of customs clearance in Dubai.

Gazdrazi Trading Group, with full awareness of Dubai customs laws and sufficient knowledge of common issues in this customs, provides the best business services and advice to dear merchants.

Benefits of Importing Goods from Dubai

Numerous reasons have caused Iranian merchants to choose to import goods from Dubai for transfer from other parts of the world to Iran, some of which include:

  • Sanctions and lack of direct communication with European and American countries
  • Presence of world-renowned agencies and brands in Dubai with international and original prices
  • Low customs fees
  • Easy and fast transportation
  • Low transportation costs due to the presence of ports close to Iran in Dubai
  • The possibility of buying high-quality European goods from Dubai markets
  • Logical laws and policies of the United Arab Emirates, especially in the Dubai
  • High capacity of ports and a large number of customs

Required Documents for Customs Clearance from Dubai to Iran

The process, rules and regulations of customs clearance from Dubai to Iran are similar to the rules of customs clearance in Iran. The customs duty that Dubai receives for customs clearance is 5% of the total value of the goods, which must be paid to the UAE government at the beginning of customs clearance process from Dubai to Iran. When importing goods from Dubai, all specifications must be received from the seller in Dubai and registered with the price in the customs declaration. The prime cost of goods is determined after calculating customs duties, the cost of transporting goods and insurance. Required documents for customs clearance from Dubai to Iran are as follows:

Delivery Order

In this document, information such as the recipient's specifications, bill of lading number, product weight, product description, specifications of the transportation vehicle, list of total cargo, etc. are recorded.

Proforma Invoice

This document is issued by the seller of the goods in Dubai and records various information such as the number of goods, unit and total price of the goods, payment method, country of manufacture, net and gross weight of the goods, etc.

Packing List

This document includes complete information about the consignment and its contents, such as the type of packaging, name and address of the seller and buyer, payment method, package dimensions, number of packages, etc.

Certificate of Origin

In this certificate, information such as the specifications of the sender and exporter of the goods, specifications of the recipient of the goods, specifications of the transportation vehicle, the signature of the exporter and the issuing authority of the certificate of origin, etc. are recorded.

Goods Inspection Certificate

This certificate confirms that the goods are in suitable condition and also shows that the quantity of the goods is correct at the time of shipment.

Legal Permits

The permit is determined according to the type of goods and it will not possible to clear the goods from customs until the necessary permits are issued.

Bill of Lading

The bill of lading includes the description of the goods, trademarks or numbers, the name of the carrier of the goods, the name of the recipient of the goods, the specifications of the person who will be notified of the arrival of the goods, the shipping fee paid or payable at the destination, the number of copies of the bill of lading issued in the original form, issuance time, etc.

Import Certificate

The import certificate can be one of the documents related to the customs clearance process for certain products.

Other Required Documents

Other required documents for customs clearance from Dubai customs to Iran include: warehouse receipt, commercial order registration, insurance policy (if any), bank documents (if the goods were imported through the banking system), etc.

The Cost of Shipping Goods from Dubai to Iran

Determining the cost of shipping goods from Dubai to Iran is not an easy task and various factors affect the cost determination. Some of these factors include:

  • Transportation Mode (Air or sea. Air freight cost is higher than sea freight cost)
  • Contract type
  • volume, weight and type of goods (the cost of transporting dangerous goods is higher than normal goods)
  • Distance of Dubai customs from destination of goods
  • Exchange rate paid for shipping

It should be noted that the most important factor affecting the final price is the method of transporting goods from Dubai to Iran.

Freight in Dubai

There are various methods for freighting in Dubai and choosing the best method is considered as one of the main steps of importing any goods from Dubai. Air freight is the fastest, shortest and the most reliable method of transporting cargo around the world. Air freight is carried out from Dubai airport. Sea freight is another method of shipping in Dubai, which is more affordable than air shipping. This method allows merchants who care about the cost of transportation to transport their goods with desired volume and dimensions and send them to destination country at a reasonable cost. Sea freight is usually done by barge or ship.

Although sea freight from Dubai to Iran is easier and affordable, but there are some details that not all merchants and owners of goods can handle. The ports of Bushehr, Ganaveh, Deir and Langeh are the ports where all kinds of goods are imported from Dubai by sea. Trading and transportation companies by examining and evaluating the conditions, type and volume of goods, as well as considering costs, choose the best method for transfer cargos. Gazdrazi Trading Company with years of experience, will transport your goods from Dubai in the best and most affordable way.

Import from Dubai Tahlanji

One of the most profitable, popular and cost-effective methods of importing goods from Dubai is import from Dubai Tahlanji. The Tahlanji is actually a type of importing with the sailors, which the owners of the barge and its crew are allowed to import goods into the country. This method is considered as an efficient method for merchants and owners of goods who are always concerned about customs fees and their payment. According to the executive law of export and import, each crew and barge owner can yearly import a certain amount of goods into the country without paying any customs fees. It is worth noting that importing goods from Dubai by Tahlanji method requires submission of bill of lading, warehouse receipt, certificate of origin and commercial card upon arrival.

Benefits of Customs Clearance from Dubai Customs by Gazdrazi Ccompany

Gazdrazi Trading Company is fully familiar with the issues and problems of customs clearance from Dubai and offers efficient and legal solutions for importing goods from this port. In addition to the customs clearance from Dubai, you can entrust us with the clearance of goods from other customs of the country, including Bushehr, Shahryar, Bandar Abbas and Chabahar. Benefits of customs clearance from Dubai customs by Gazdrazi Ccompany include:

  • No time consuming
  • No need to pay additional costs
  • Suggesting the best way to transport cargo at any time
  • Using different methods to carry cargo such as Tahlanji, air freight, etc.
  • Accurate and specialized preparation of documents
  • Up-to-date and online information about Dubai customs regulations
  • Complete proficient in all stages of customs clearance from Dubai
  • Transparency of responding to customers