Customs Violations

Customs violations refer to actions that go against customs regulations and laws related to imports. These violations include non-declaration of goods, undervaluation of goods, incorrect labeling of goods, smuggling, and other activities aimed at circumventing customs duties, taxes, and relevant re...

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Sea Cargo Clearance

In the export and import of goods, one of the secure methods of international transportation is the movement of goods by sea. Sea cargo clearance refers to the process of controlling the security protocols for the export and import of goods through maritime transportation in ports.

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What is an export license? Complete guide

Individuals who intend to sell their desired goods in other countries must export them from Iran through land and air borders. For this purpose, the goods need to undergo inspection at the customs. Only goods with a customs export license are allowed to leave the customs and enter another country. ...

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What Is a Customs Declaration?

Are you the owner of an import/export company? Are you aware that in order to clear goods through customs, you need valid documents? What do you know about a customs declaration? The customs declaration is a crucial document without which the clearance of goods from customs would not be possible. ...

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Importing Goods from Dubai

We all know that Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the world, and most of its residents use high-quality European products. If you are also involved in importing goods from Dubai, you undoubtedly know how profitable this region can be for business. However, before taking any action, it is...

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Customs Clearance Cost

If you are active in the field of importing and exporting goods, you probably consider the customs clearance cost as one of your main concerns as a business owner. Customs clearance is a complex process that should be carried out by experts in this field. This process also involves expenses that yo...

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