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Two decades ago, when Gazdrazi Trading Group was being formed, Iran's customs was not as extensive as today, and the offices of this company and its employees had not yet reached the current number, which is more than 50 people. We have to admit that carrying out export and import affairs in a country like Iran that is under sanctions and companies expect new law or customs tariff almost every day and every hour, has made Gezdrazi's experts incredibly knowledgeable, so that they are always ready for any condition and have acquired the ability to use new scenarios in various situations.

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Gezderazi Group Services

Import of Goods

Since the production of some specific products is not possible in some countries or their production is not economical, these countries must use imported goods in order to meet their needs. Import of goods is the importation of goods produced in one country to another country in a commercial way. T...

Export of Goods

Export of goods is the action of transfer and sending goods from one country to another country. Export of goods plays an important role in economic development; therefore, familiarity with international laws and domestic laws of importing countries is very significant. Gazdrazi Trading Company wil...


The set of actions that are carried out in order to release imported and exported goods from customs by the owners of the goods or their legal representative is called goods clearance . To clear your goods from customs, you will need to provide documents, pay duties and taxes, etc. Therefore, cust...

Trade Consulting

The field of goods trade is facing many changes in all sections, including export and import, which will force commercial companies and merchants to update their information. On the other hand, there are various and complicated laws, regulations, documents and procedures that sometimes confuse trad...

Customs Clearance in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most important channels for the entry of global products into Iran. The low cost of customs clearance in Dubai and access to global products at global prices encourage traders and merchants to do business with Dubai. Generally, performing customs clearance procedures in a foreig...

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation is one of the common methods used for the transportation of goods. In this method, you can utilize various types of land transport models, each of which may be a suitable option for you. Therefore, don't forget that if you are a trader or merchant seeking to send or receive yo...

Air transportation

Air transportation is one of the systems for transferring goods and cargo between different cities within a region or different countries. Utilizing this type of service requires comprehensive knowledge and information about it. In order to send and receive your goods more quickly, you can take adv...

Maritime Transportation

Maritime transportation can be considered one of the most important methods of cargo and passenger movement for countries and cities located alongside seas and oceans. Maritime transportation encompasses various types carried out by shipping companies. If you are looking to utilize these method...

Obtaining Order Registration Permit

Order registration and permits are among the most important steps that any importer or trader must be familiar with and skilled in complying with their regulations. After requesting order registration in Iran's comprehensive trade system (, every importer requires approval from relevant aut...

Nimayi Currency Remittance

Currency remittance is one of the types of remittances that can be important and applicable in various fields, including trade and commerce. In simple terms, this type of remittance refers to the processes of transfer and deposit of foreign currency into bank accounts. A foreign currency remit...



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Articles of Gazdrazi Trading Company


Clearance of Goods from Anzali Port

Anzali port is known as one of the most important commercial and political ports in Iran, with an area of 14,200 square meters and has been highly regarded for foreign and domestic trade since 300 years ago. Bandar Anzali customs office is one of the first customs centers of Iran, which is located ...

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Clearance of Medical Equipment from Customs

Medical equipment is considered as one of the most sensitive imported goods that any negligence or lack of attention to customs laws will lead to unpleasant results for their importer. Currently, the clearance of medical equipment in Iran is carried out only from special customs, including Bandar A...

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Imam Khomeini Airport Customs Clearance

The capital of Iran's airport customs is a title that doubtlessly only deserves Imam Khomeini's airport customs. Features such as proximity to transit roads for easy cargo transportation, modern goods inspection equipment, easy access, large warehouses and cold storage facilities for storing perish...

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Customs clearance of Bandar Abbas

Almost all large container ships bound for Iran, move to Bandar Abbas to deliver their goods. Due to its special strategic location, Bandar Abbas is considered as one of the most important areas for Iranian commerce. In terms of the international transportation system, this port is the main gateway...

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Clearance of goods from Jolfa and Aras Free Zone

Jolfa Customs is considered as the most significant region of Iran's economy in the northwest. If you intend to import and export goods from Russia or other countries located in the northwest of Iran, clearance of goods from Jolfa will be your main need in this regard. In the last several years, th...

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Import of Goods with Business Card

A business card is a license to carry out international trades, and in fact, the first step for merchants to start their activities in the field of importing and exporting goods is to receive a business card. The validity of this card is one year, and if its validity period expires, it is necessary...

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