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Customs Violations

2024 / 02 / 06

Customs violations refer to actions that go against customs regulations and laws related to imports. These violations include non-declaration of goods, undervaluation of goods, incorrect labeling of goods, smuggling, and other activities aimed at circumventing customs duties, taxes, and relevant regulations.

Customs violations are one of the important and common topics in commerce that many individuals may engage in. In general, these violations refer to activities that are in contradiction with customs laws and regulations.

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What are Customs Violations?

Any action that goes against customs laws and regulations is considered a customs violation. Customs violations are one of the important topics that you should consider before engaging in the import and export of goods. Most of these violations occur due to a lack of awareness of customs laws and regulations, and in many cases, they can result in irreparable damages.

If you want to avoid committing a violation, it is essential to contract with a reputable company for customs procedures. Many traders and merchants, due to insufficient information in this field, have incurred irreparable losses.

What are Customs Violations?

What is customs?

Customs is a governmental institution responsible for implementing laws related to the clearance of goods, as well as the collection of duties, fees, and taxes on the import and export of various goods to and from the country. If a violation pertains to the financial aspects of importing goods into customs, it falls under the specific category of customs duties. One example of these financial impositions is related to specific customs duties that must be addressed in relevant commissions.

Types of Customs Violations

Customs violations often occur during the customs procedures and clearance process, aiming for greater profit. One of the most significant and common customs violations is the non-declaration of goods. According to customs laws, all traders and merchants are required to declare their goods to customs after the entry of the goods into customs. If there are goods in the shipment that have not been declared to customs, whether intentionally or inadvertently, it constitutes a customs violation known as non-declaration.

Sometimes, traders, either due to a lack of awareness of customs regulations or with the intention of reducing customs duties and fees, do not declare goods with higher customs values in their declarations. This leads to their involvement in customs violations, as they either intentionally or inadvertently fail to accurately declare the tariff of the goods, which includes the payment of customs duties based on the origin. Whether intentional or accidental, such actions are considered customs violations.We also suggest that you read the article on Customs Declaration.

Practical Action

Practical action is another form of customs violation that many traders encounter. This violation occurs when a legitimate commercial item exits customs without the submission of a declaration, or when another legitimate item is declared to customs in place of the actual imported goods.

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Types of Customs Violations

Article 103 of the Customs Affairs Law

Article 103 of the Customs Affairs Law stipulates that all goods entering Iran via air and sea routes must undergo the complete customs procedures. For instance, ships must dock at authorized piers, and their cargo must undergo customs inspection.

Cargo carried by airplanes should be unloaded at one of the designated airports, and the relevant customs formalities must be completed. This law is formulated to establish a secure route for the transportation of goods and prevent smuggling across the borders of Iran. Authorized routes for importing goods via airplanes or ships are determined by the Ministry of Interior.

Preventing Customs Violations with Gezderazi Trading Group

If you intend to carry out import and export activities without committing customs violations, consider entering into a collaboration agreement with a reputable trading company such as Gezderazi Trading Group. Our experts, equipped with years of experience and a thorough understanding of customs laws and regulations, can assist you in ensuring the proper and legal execution of your goods' import and export processes. Contact us for more information.

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