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Imam Khomeini Airport Customs Clearance

2023 / 05 / 20

The capital of Iran's airport customs is a title that doubtlessly only deserves Imam Khomeini's airport customs. Features such as proximity to transit roads for easy cargo transportation, modern goods inspection equipment, easy access, large warehouses and cold storage facilities for storing perishable goods have caused thousands tons of goods to be cleared from the customs of this airport every year. The customs clearance of Imam Khomeini Airport has many steps that must be done by a trading company or a professional clearing agent.

At Gazdrazi Trading Company, we have experienced all the troubles and administrative complications of this path and we know that in a country like Iran, sometimes an insignificant mistake or even a simple ignorance and lack of sufficient information will bring additional expenses for traders and trading companies. Our colleagues at Gazdrazi Trading Group, with full knowledge of the latest customs regulations and its changes, will help you do business safely and leave your customs affairs to us.

 Imam Khomeini Airport Customs Clearance

Benefits of Customs Clearance by Gazdrazi Trading Company

Gazdrazi Trading Company is ready to clear your goods from Imam Khomeini airport customs by providing all necessary services. In addition to the customs clearance from the airport, our company also handles the clearance of goods from other customs of the country including Customs clearance of Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Shahriar, Chabahar, etc.

The benefits of customs clearance by Gazdrazi Company include:

  • No time consuming
  • No additional costs
  • Accurate and specialized preparation of documents
  • Up-to-date and online information about customs regulations and violations
  • Complete proficient in all stages of customs clearance
  • Transparency of responding to customers

Required Documents for Customs Clearance from Imam Khomeini Airport

Preparation of required documents is considered as the most important factor for customs clearance from Imam Khomeini Airport. Gazdrazi Trading Group can undertake the detailed and specialized preparation of these documents. If all the documents are completely prepared and there is no need to obtain a special permit for clearance, your goods will be cleared within 2-3 days. The required documents for customs clearance from Imam Khomeini Airport are usually as follows:

1. Proforma

2. Invoice

3. Packing list

4. Certificate of Origin

5. Bill of lading

6. Product order form (It should be printed from the EPL system)

7. Insurance policy

8. Logical permissions

9. Warehouse receipt

10. Certificate of inspection

11. Other required documents

Benefits of Customs Clearance by Gazdrazi Trading Company

Customs Clearance Process from Imam Khomeini Airport

Clearance or release of incoming goods is one of the essential parts that is really matter to merchants. Customs clearance is generally done by the owner of the goods or his legal representative (trading company or clearing agent) and has specific steps that must be taken into account at the time of customs clearance. The customs clearance process from Imam Khomeini Airport are as follows:

Registration of statements in the EPL system

The first thing we have to do to clear the goods from Imam Khomeini Airport customs is to complete the declaration forms related to entering the goods information in the EPL online system. It is necessary to obtain and submit this customs declaration according to the instructions on the official website of customs (irica.gov.ir) for the clearance of all types of goods.

Determining the route

After registering the required information in the declaration, a registration number which is called "cottage" (serial number of the declaration) will be assigned to you. After the declaration is registered and stamped, a route will be determined for each goods.

Control of goods

The goods are usually classified into three groups: red, yellow and green. The experts of the valuation department are responsible for controlling the imported goods to the customs. Those goods that are placed in the green route are quickly checked and cleared. In the yellow route, only the documents of the goods are checked and there is no need to control and examine them physically. In the red route, the goods will be physically examined and the related documents are also checked.

Obtaining and checking the existence of necessary permits

During the inspection of the goods by experts in order to clear them, sometimes it is necessary to obtain and submit some permits such as standard, health, telecommunication, quarantine and other necessary documents in this category.

Checking customs tariffs and matching goods

At this stage, the experts match the customs tariff with the relevant documents and information of the goods. Some goods are subject to customs tariffs upon entering the country, which are actually the same taxes and duties that governments levy on imported or exported goods for protection, financial or a combination of these two reasons.

Paying costs in order to issue a clearance document

The owners of the goods are required to pay the fee determined by the customs department in order to issue the clearance document for their goods. At this stage, the owner of the goods or his representative can take the necessary actions to clear the goods from Imam Khomeini airport customs.

Referring to warehouse to get permission of loading

After issuing the customs clearance document of Imam Khomeini Airport, receiving the warehouse bill and related documents, the permission to load the goods from the customs is issued and the owner or his representative must pay the storage fee.

Exiting goods from customs

At this stage, the customs warehouseman, after checking and controlling the customs green permit seal, can issue the warehouse badge and the owner of the goods or his representative can exit the goods from customs.

Customs Clearance Process from Imam Khomeini Airport

Customs Clearance Fee of Imam Khomeini Airport

In the customs clearance process, there are costs that must be paid by the owner of the goods or his representative. These costs include expert fees, freight, storage, unloading, laboratory (if needed), etc., which are considered as clearance fees. The customs clearance fee of Imam Khomeini Airport also includes such items. It must be noted that all the costs related to customs clearance are the same in all the country's customs offices and are based on the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It should be taken into account that customs fees are separate from import duties and are charged separately. The import duties of the goods include the commercial interest, which is 4% of the customs value of the goods and is received by the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Customs Inspection of Imam Khomeini Airport

Inspection of goods at the customs is one of the regular processes in the goods control department to match the information and specifications of the goods with the information included in the documents that have been declared to the customs. Imam Khomeini Airport Customs Inspection is responsible for inspecting goods at the time of entry and exit from the country in order to detect possible violations. checking goods, confiscating contraband and illegal goods, recording performed activities, investigating violations and preparing reports, determining duties and taxes for each of the goods, and finally collecting samples of goods for inspection, evaluation and testing, are considered as the duties of the inspection department of Imam Khomeini airport customs.

Cargo Tracking at Imam Khomeini Airport

Cargo tracking at Imam Khomeini Airport can be done through the eleven-digit code written on the bill of lading, and customers can track their cargo through the customs website of Imam Khomeini Airport and enter the eleven-digit code in the relevant section. Gazdrazi Trading Group can carry out this task for merchants and companies.

Customs Regulations of Imam Khomeini Airport

The most significant customs regulations of Imam Khomeini Airport, which are listed on the official website of this airport, include:

  • Carrying more than 5,000 euros in currency requires a declaration to the customs
  • Withdrawal of physical currency is possible only by the declarer and it must be of the same type of currency which is declared
  • Holders of non-electronic declarations that have been issued since 21 - 11 - 2016, have only 6 months to register their declaration information
  • The departure of the goods to carry out things such as repair or completion is also subject to customs formalities and must be declared to the customs before leaving the country
  • Passengers can perform customs procedures and mobile phone registration by referring to the passenger mobile phone registration system
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