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Customs clearance of Bandar Abbas

2023 / 05 / 28

Almost all large container ships bound for Iran, move to Bandar Abbas to deliver their goods. Due to its special strategic location, Bandar Abbas is considered as one of the most important areas for Iranian commerce. In terms of the international transportation system, this port is the main gateway in Iran's shipping lines. In fact, the destination of all ships from the west side, i.e. Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, and from the east side, i.e. Southeast Asia, China, Korea, Malaysia, India and Singapore, is Bandar Abbas; Therefore, customs clearance in Bandar Abbas is one of the important services that may be needed by all merchants.

Gazdrazi Trading Group provides professional and specialized services to its customers in the field of goods clearance from Bandar Abbas customs and other customs of the Iran. In this article, we will examine the details of customs services in Bandar Abbas.

Customs clearance of Bandar Abbas

Customs Clearance Procedures in Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas has an area of 4800 hectares and annually more than 80 million goods are exchanged in this port. Some of the most significant goods which are traded in Banda Abbas include: household appliances, office supplies, medical supplies, machinery, tools, passenger cars, etc. Also, due to the presence of two important and active customs, Shahid Rajaei Customs and Shahid Bahonar Customs, the clearance of goods from Bandar Abbas customs is of great importance. These two customs are located at a short distance from each other, but the Rajai customs has a larger area. Like other Iranian customs, to clear goods from Bandar Abbas customs, you must first make sure that your desired goods are not on the list of prohibited goods. In general, the customs clearance procedures of Bandar Abbas are as follows:

1. Entering information through the EPL system and setting up information declarations

2. Providing a printout of the statement

3. Obtaining a cottage and determining the desired route

4. Product evaluation

5. Obtaining the required permits and issuing a clearance permit

6. Review of documents by the service expert, final control of the product and providing permission for goods clearance

7. Referring to the fund and pay the necessary fees

8. Referring to the warehouse

9. Exit of good from warehouse

10. Receipt of goods by the importer

Required Documents for Goods Clearance from Bandar Abbas Customs

The required documents for customs clearance in Bandar Abbas include the following:

  • Order registration license (import license)
  • Clearance document
  • Certificate of origin
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Customs declaration
  • Bill of lading
  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Packing list
  • Insurance policy
  • Proforma
  • Certificate of inspection

Note that to clear the goods from customs, you will also need the personal documents of the goods owner, i.e. the original and copy of the commercial card and the original and copy of the national ID card. The type of licenses received also depends on the type of product, for example, to import food products, you must obtain a license from the Food and Drug Organization. In an overview, the most important required permits for customs clearance in Bandar Abbas are as follows:

National Standard Organization License, Food and Drug Organization License, Environmental Organization License, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance License, Plant and Animal Quarantine Licenses, Children and Adolescent Intellectual Development Center License, Atomic Energy Organization License, Ministry of Agricultural Jihad License, License Related to Ministry of Defense, Veterinary Organization license and Central Bank license.

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Required Documents for Goods Clearance from Bandar Abbas Customs

The cost of Customs Clearance in Bandar Abbas

In all Iranian ports and customs, the costs related to warehousing and keeping goods are considered among the main costs, and the cost of clearing goods from Bandar Abbas customs, like other customs, depends on various factors such as the type and amount of goods. Also, due to the hot and humid climate of Bandar Abbas, special conditions must be provided for the storage of imported goods so that the goods are cleared from this port completely safe. However, we must point out that these special weather conditions have not had any negative impact on the export and import of goods in this port. For instance, one of the ways to deal with the spoilage of perishable products is to use refrigerated containers in Bandar Abbas customs.

Customs Clearance of Shahid Bahonar Bandar Abbas

As mentioned before, Shahid Rajaee Customs and Shahid Bahonar Customs are the two customs of Bandar Abbas that play an important role in the export and import of Iran and the majority of goods are transited through these two customs. Shahid Bahonar Customs is one of the oldest customs in Iran, which has attracted the attention of many foreign merchants due to its geographical location. The area of this port is 378 thousand square meters and includes 6 warehouses with a size of 23 thousand square meters. It also has 12 wharf with the capacity to accept 125 thousand tons of export and import goods. Bahonar Customs is the third export port for transporting non-oil and non-passenger goods in Iran.

Customs Clearance of Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas

Shahid Rajaei port complex has 35 container lines and is currently connected with about 80 important ports. This port has 18 gantry cranes, 40 wharfs and the most advanced container terminals in Iran, and it is possible to dock all kinds of ocean-crossing ships. Additionally, the proximity of Shahid Rajaei port to the free zones of Kish and Qeshm has made it a special port in Iran. Shahid Rajaei customs experts have complete control over all customs matters; therefore, the clearance of goods from this customs is done with much higher accuracy and speed.

Benefits of Shahid Rajaei Customs Clearance

The main benefits of Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas customs clearance include the following:

  • Use of electronic system
  • Raising international standards
  • Using up-to-date and advanced facilities
  • Reducing customs fees
  • Customs system integration
  • Environmental protection
  • Unloading and loading by gantry cranes
  • Increasing the speed and accuracy in customs formalities
  • Compliance with business standards
  • The existence of large container areas and roofed warehouses
  • Installation of X-ray for the safety of goods entering
  • Transporting goods through official transport companies, along with the bill of lading of the Ministry of Roads to all regions of Iran

Goods Cleared from Shahid Rajaei Port

The following items are the most goods cleared from Shahid Rajaei Customs:

  • Minerals and petroleum derivatives
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Metal goods
  • Petrochemicals
  • Agricultural products
  • Road construction machinery
  • Machine-made carpet
  • Passenger car
  • Large household appliances

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Benefits of Shahid Rajaei Customs Clearance

Shahid Rajaei Customs Employee Clearance

Shahid Rajaei customs employee clearance, like all employees clearance active in all customs, must have the necessary familiarity with customs clearance rules. In general, an employee clearance is someone who can do all the necessary customs affairs on your behalf. Some traders believe that the stage of goods clearance is the most difficult stage of importing goods. An expert employee clearance can carry out all the procedures related to clearance of goods with high speed and accuracy. You can entrust all the customs affairs and services in Bandar Abbas to the professional employee's clearance of Gazdrazi Trading Company. We guarantee to bring you the following benefits:

  • No need to spend additional expenses
  • Preparation and completion of documents in a specialized manner
  • Carrying out goods clearance according to the latest customs regulations
  • Full knowledge of the procedures of goods clearance from Shahid Rajaei and Shahid Bahonar customs
  • Clear and quick response to customers
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