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Clearance of Goods from Anzali Port

2023 / 06 / 10

Anzali port is known as one of the most important commercial and political ports in Iran, with an area of 14,200 square meters and has been highly regarded for foreign and domestic trade since 300 years ago. Bandar Anzali customs office is one of the first customs centers of Iran, which is located in Gilan province and on the southern edge of the Caspian Sea. This port is close to important ports such as the ports of Russia, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Statistics show that the clearance of goods from Bandar Anzali was often done for European goods that were exchanged in trade with Russia, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. For this reason, Bandar Anzali has become known as the Iran's trade gateway with Europe.

Due to the convenient geographical location, most traders tend to clear their goods from Bandar Anzali customs. In fact, this customs has allocated 10% of Iran's total clearances. In general, clearance of goods from Anzali port is of great importance for both domestic and foreign traders. We should also mention that Bandar Anzali is the third most important customs office in Iran. Gezdrazi Trading Group can be a reliable consultant for you in all stages related to goods clearance, customs and commercial affairs of Anzali port.

Clearance of Goods from Anzali Port

Benefits of Customs Clearance of Anzali Port

In order to legally carry out trade and commercial affairs at the international level, you must proceed through the active customs of the country. Clearance of goods from Anzali port has many benefits for domestic and foreign merchants. In this section, we mention some of the most significant benefits of goods clearance from Anzali port:

  • Anzali port customs is one of Iran's bulk customs. Clearance of goods from Anzali port is carried out for all types of goods, except prohibited goods, in accordance with the export and import laws of the country.
  • This port has access to 35 provinces of Iran, which has significantly accelerated the clearance of goods from Anzali port.
  • Anzali port has large and roofed warehouses that have attracted the attention of traders, because these warehouses are equipped with the latest technology and intelligent support systems for storing goods. These intelligent security systems will increase the safety level of goods in warehouses.
  • In addition to roofed warehouses, this port also has open warehouses, which makes it suitable for storing all types of goods.
  • The presence of oil and gas storage resources in the Caspian Sea is one of the other significant benefits of the Anzali port customs clearance, which have made it possible to quickly move oil cargoes from this customs.
  • Due to the existing sanctions in Iran's trade issues, merchants import European goods from Russia, Armenia, and Turkmenistan through Anzali port.
  • In Anzali port, it is also possible to exchange goods with European countries, and for the import of goods from these countries, special facilities including tax exemption, customs exemption, added value, etc. have been considered.

Required Documents for Goods Clearance from Anzali Port Customs

To clear goods from Anzali port, you need the following documents:

  • All documents related to the bill of lading
  • Certificate of origin and all related licenses
  • Clearance sheets
  • Goods purchase invoice
  • Declaration documents, currency supply announcements and related matters
  • Proforma sheets
  • Permits and documents confirming order registration in the trading system
  • Packing list
  • Documents which confirm the payment of the transport company
  • Documents related to the insurance of goods transportation
  • Operation license related to goods and trade
  • Brochure related to goods
  • All documents related to customs insurance of goods
  • All licenses and certificates related to the import of goods to the country
  • All legal permits such as health, hygiene and standard of foreign goods
  • Legal power of attorney for employee clearance
  • Customs clearance certificate

It is worth mentioning that depending on the type of goods, other licenses may be required for import and export. If you have more questions about this field, you can contact our experts in Gezdrazi team.

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Benefits of Customs Clearance of Anzali Port

Rules for Clearance of Goods from Anzali Port

According to the law of Iran, some foreign goods are not subject to obtaining an import license. The clearance of some goods is done only from one customs office and the exit of some goods is not done based on specific customs rules and different geographical locations in a number of customs offices in the country. Considering the laws and regulations that make it possible to use any type of goods for export or import in Iran's export and import is one of the main issues in the field of trade and commerce. There are also specific rules in the clearance of goods from Anzali port, for instance, based on the existing regulations, the goods that can be exported and imported from Bandar Anzali customs are as follows:

  • Petroleum products
  • Vegetable products
  • Food industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Chemical products
  • Cement and minerals
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Ironware (ingots, rebar, cornerstone, cold dipped galvanized sheets, hot dipped galvanized sheets, downspout, etc.)
  • Wood
  • Clothing
  • Raw materials

According to certain rules, you can also obtain a license to import goods that are not mentioned in the above list from this customs. At Gezdrazi Trading Group, our experienced and professional experts, with full knowledge of the regulations and laws of the country's customs, will carry out all the customs affairs of the customers with the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time.

Cost of Goods Clearance from Anzali Port

The cost of clearing goods from Anzali port, like other Iranian customs, will depend on various factors such as the type and amount of goods, number of containers, etc. In general, the cost of goods clearance from Anzali port includes factors such as customs fees, customs duties, taxes, goods inspection, storage, laboratory, loading, unloading, etc. Contact us for more information about these costs.

Employee Clearance of Anzali Free Zone

Before we talk about employee clearance of free zone, it is better to learn more about the definition of a free zone. A free trade zone is actually an area, which often exists next to a port or inside it, where free trade with other regions of the world is allowed and goods can be exchanged without paying customs duties from the free zone. Regarding the free zone exemption, keep in mind that if a product is not transported from the origin to the destination without stopping and stops at a port other than the destination port, the tax exemption will not be granted to it.

Customers often refer to commercial companies to clear goods from the Anzali port customs, like other customs in the country, so that the experts can carry out the customs and commercial affairs of their business more carefully. Since the Anzali port customs is one of the most crowded customs in the country, an employee clearance of Anzali free zone must have complete knowledge and mastery of all matters, rules and regulations related to the clearance of import and export goods. A skilled employee clearance will have a significant impact on the process of quick and low-cost clearance of goods from customs.

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Responsibilities of an Employee Clearance in Anzali Port

Employee clearance must provide all payment receipts and fees paid at customs. This person should also be familiar with matters related to obtaining the necessary permits and be able to receive them in the shortest possible time. After obtaining the permit, you can go through the next steps related to the clearance of goods from Anzali port.

Clearance of Goods from Hassanroud Anzali Customs

After getting acquainted with the Anzali port customs, it is necessary to examine the Hasanroud Anzali free zone customs as well. Hassanroud is one of the environs of Bandar Anzali city and Hassanroud Customs was established in 1999 in order to provide customs services in the field of regional trade as the first mechanized and free customs with the least number of personnel. After the transformation of Hassanroud region into a commercial and industrial free zone, this customs office was also upgraded to the customs office of Hassanroud Free Zone. Clearance of goods from this section, if carried out by experienced experts, will be a simple and convenient process.

Clearance of Goods from Hassanroud Anzali Customs


If you are one of those who are continuously active in the field of trade, import and export of goods, it is necessary to be in contact with an experienced team in this field, so that your customs affairs are carried out with the least amount of challenges.

Gezdrazi Trading Group is specialized in the field of goods clearance from Anzali port and will carry out all matters related to clearance of goods from this port in a professional manner. Get in touch with our experts.

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