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Import of Goods with Business Card

2023 / 06 / 24

A business card is a license to carry out international trades, and in fact, the first step for merchants to start their activities in the field of importing and exporting goods is to receive a business card. The validity of this card is one year, and if its validity period expires, it is necessary to renew your business card. Importing goods with a business card has special regulations and rules. In this content from Gezdrazi Group, we will provide complete explanations about this issue.

Import of Goods with Business Card

What is a Business Card?

Business card is a type of license for trading with foreign countries, which is issued to both legal and natural persons. Business cards are divided into two groups based on their type (legal or natural). Note that the business card can only be issued to Iranian citizens and people who do not have Iranian citizenship can only receive a business card as a legal person and not as a natural person. The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of the country is responsible for issuing the business card, and after that it must be approved by the comprehensive system of trade or the organization of industry, mining and trade. After completing these steps, you can export and import through your business card. Some merchants have set their field of activity in only one country, and some others will be engaged in importing or exporting goods in several countries with a business card. Choosing the field of activity depends on the conditions of the merchants or their desired goods. In general, the business card is used in the following cases:

  • Import of goods
  • Order registration and clearance of goods
  • Export of authorized goods
  • Importing goods from free zones
  • Proceeding to apply factorage in customs
  • Latin business registration
  • Obtaining bank loans
  • Membership in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Ease of obtaining a visa to participate in business events
  • Participation in trade fairs

Types of Business Cards Based on Application

The most common and main type of business card, which is actually considered as your business ID, is the commercial business card. You will need a commercial card to carry out customs affairs, clearance, export and import through a business card. But if you intend to clear goods with a business card only once, having a business card is sufficient. Manufacturing and industrial business card is also issued for supplying raw materials and exporting some goods, especially for industrial and manufacturing units. The service business card will also have the same use. The use of the business card of natural persons is for individuals to carry out trading affairs personally. But the business card of legal entities is often issued to companies, unions and institutions. Cooperative companies can also obtain their own card from Chamber of Commerce.

How to Issue a Business Card?

After going through all the steps of buying and transferring the goods to the customs of your destination, you must take the necessary actions to clear the goods. Note that at this stage, the goods are cleared with a business card, and if you do not have a business card, your goods will remain in customs and it is not possible to clear them. The conditions for obtaining a business card, like other documents and licenses, include specific procedures and steps that will be different according to the type of card requested and you will need various documents.

Procedures for Obtaining a Business Card

To obtain your business card, you must refer to the system of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Trade, and after initial registration and participation in training classes, your file documents will be sent to the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade for final approval and after approval of the comprehensive trade system, your business card will be issued.

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Types of Business Cards Based on Application

Documents and Conditions for Obtaining a natural Business Card

In order to obtain a business card as a natural person, you will need the following documents and conditions:

  • Be at least 24 years old
  • Determining the location of the business
  • A degree related to business (if you don't have a degree, you must have three years of trading experience)
  • Having complete knowledge of customs laws and participating in the training class of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Not having a government job or governmental position
  • A written commitment to comply with the government's business policies
  • Full face photo with white background
  • Original academic degree (above diploma or 3 years of experience)
  • Bank certificate which confirming the checking account

Documents and Conditions for Obtaining a Legal Business Card

According to Iran's business laws, individuals who do not have Iranian citizenship can only obtain a legal business card. The process of issuing a legal business card is slightly different from its natural type, which will generally be as follows:

In the first stage, the documents based on the registered company, tax file, economic code and tax declaration must be submitted and then the non-bankruptcy of the related company must be proved. After that, the approved place of residence and business will be announced and you should charge your checking account with the amount of 200 million Tomans. In the last step, you must provide the documents related to the workplace (ownership document or lease with hologram) and take necessary actions for the rest of the cases related to obtaining a legal business card.

It should be noted that each natural or legal person will have only one business card and only one card will be issued for each property unit. The costs related to the business card include the annual membership fee in the Chamber of Commerce in the amount of 1,450,000 Tomans, the cost of visiting the site of 430,000 Tomans and the amount of 130 thousand Tomans for obtaining commercial offices. To get more information about the terms of obtaining a business card or export and import with a business card, contact the experts of Gazdrazi's business team and get your business card in the fastest time and at the most reasonable cost.

Business Card Tax

Among the main issues that you should consider after receiving a business card is the payment of value added tax and import tax. Note that if your income reaches a certain amount, for natural persons, based on their income, and for legal persons, about 25% of the income must be paid as business card tax. The maximum amount of import with a business card will reach 500,000 dollars in the first year and 2 million dollars in the second year. From the first and second year, along with the clearance of the goods, you will be subject to the payment of tax on account.

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Business Card Tax

Business Card Risks

In addition to all the benefits of the business card, you need to be aware of some essential points to avoid possible risks and problems. Some people make money from their business cart by renting it to other merchants. But you should take into account that due to the implementation of new government policies to strictly control financial transfers, clearance of goods with someone else's business card is considered a crime according to the new laws, and due to the fact that the goods are cleared under the name of another person, that person will be able to sell the goods. There is also a possibility that the commercial card already has a debt to the customs. Therefore, renting a business card will lead to paying a fine and invalidating the card.

Business Card Renewal

The business card is valid for one year and after the end of this period, in order to export and import with your business card, you must renew it. The required documents for natural and legal persons to renew the business card are as follows:

  • Original business card
  • Confirmation of educational degrees (or use the note of three years of experience)
  • Scan and upload personal photograph

To renew your business card, first enter the Chamber of Commerce system and upload your documents again; after confirming the documents, an inspector will visit your workplace. The cost of renewing the business card will include the membership fee of the Chamber of Commerce for one year and the inspection fee of your workplace.

Final Words

If you intend to obtain a business card, take into account that in many cases you will face many challenges to obtain this card. Therefore, it is better to contact the experts of Gezdrazi Trading Group before obtaining this card and ask us any information you need to know about the commercial card. Gezdrazi business experts will answer your questions in the shortest possible time according to their knowledge, experience and skills.

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