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Flask Clearance

2023 / 07 / 31

We Iranians have a strong inclination towards consuming hot and warm beverages such as tea or coffee. For this reason, we use various types of flasks at home or in our workplaces. This popular product has many customers in Iran, and as a result, merchants and traders are willing to import this item from other countries.

Customs clearance at Gazdrazi Trading Company


Flask Clearance

However, we must inform you that according to the laws supporting domestic production, which were passed in 2018, the importation of flasks has been prohibited. Although flasks cannot be cleared through customs, it is still possible to profit by importing flask glass.

In this article from Gezderazi Commerce, we intend to familiarize you with the process of flask clearance (only the glass part). Stay with us.

Importing Various Flask Glass Types and Customs Clearance

As mentioned above, since 2018, the Iranian government has placed a strong emphasis on supporting domestic production. Therefore, new laws have been introduced to restrict the importation of goods that can be produced in domestic factories and companies. The production capacity of these items significantly decreases when they are imported from other countries. As a result, flasks have been included in the list of prohibited goods by customs.

Although importing flasks is prohibited by customs regulations, it is still possible to profit by importing their components. For instance, flask glass is one of the components that has a significant demand in the consumer market. By importing it from countries such as the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, and other glass flask manufacturers, you can achieve substantial profits.

Unfortunately, glass flask production in Iran has not reached a level where it can meet consumer demand. Therefore, manufacturers need to import flask components such as glass from other countries and use them for product assembly or even repairs of returned products.

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Importing Various Flask Glass

If you are also involved in flask production, expanding your production lines and improving the quality of your products can allow you to export them to neighbouring countries such as Tajikistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Importing flask glass is the only solution to achieve this goal.

However, if you are interested in this trade or already engaged in it, you should be familiar with the process of flask clearance from customs and know how to import glass components. In the following, we will provide you with more details on this topic.

What licenses do you need for flask clearance?

Before clearing goods from the country's customs, it is essential to familiarize ourselves with the workings of this major organization. In many border cities, there are customs offices for importing and exporting goods to the country. The regulations enforced in these branches are determined uniformly by the Iran Customs Administration.

Although our country's foreign relations and policies are constantly changing, customs regulations also experience various fluctuations and changes. For example, you may be able to clear your goods by complying with customs regulations at one point, but the next time you want to clear the same goods from customs, you may face new conditions.

This can not only incur significant costs for you but also lead to corruption and damage to your goods in customs warehouses. For a trader, the integrity of the goods and the swift importation process are of utmost importance. Our efforts at Gezderazi Commerce are aimed at saving you time and reducing your expenses. This is what sets us apart from other companies active in this field.

If you cannot clear your goods from customs on time, you may suffer substantial losses and not only miss out on profits from your business but also lose your capital. For this reason, we recommend that you take advantage of the flask and glass clearance services provided by Gezderazi Commerce and complete the clearance process for flask glass in the shortest possible time.

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Flask import

How is the customs tariff determined for clearing flasks?

You can calculate the customs tariff and the tariff for clearing flasks and their parts by knowing the customs tariff code and the quantity of items you are importing. In the following, we will introduce three customs rows that are relevant to flask products and services:

  • The customs tariff code for clearing flasks, their components, and parts from the customs of Iran is classified under row 96170000. Since 2018, it has been assigned priority 4 and its importation to the country has been declared prohibited.
  • The customs tariff code for clearing glass flasks is classified under row 70200091. You can inquire about the exact customs rate for importing glass flasks from trade consultants at Gezderazi
  • The customs tariff code for clearing other thermal insulation containers is also classified under row 96170000.

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Gezdearzi Trade Services for Clearing Glass Flasks from Customs

To obtain information on customs laws and regulations for clearing various types of flasks and their glass from customs, you can seek advice from Gezderazi trade consultants. Gezderazi Trading Company offers the possibility of purchasing from countries such as China, Taiwan, and Japan, and currently provides services such as purchasing and importing, in addition to clearance, for some companies in the shortest possible time.

Understanding the challenges and concerns faced by traders and merchants, we have made it possible to handle imports and exports for real and legal companies, manufacturers, factories, and others without any involvement or hassle in this process. We can even facilitate the importation of sanctioned goods for you through a specialized procedure conducted at our Dubai branch, which has its own unique complexities.


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