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Customs Formalities

2023 / 06 / 26

Having full knowledge of customs formalities will simplify the export and import of goods for traders. But if you are not familiar with the procedures of customs formalities, the clearance of goods may cause you many challenges, which will waste your time and money.

Customs Formalities

What is Customs Formalities?

Customs formalities are a set of operations related to customs affairs, which will be carried out by following the rules. The operations related to the clearance of goods from the countries of origin and destination, or obtaining licenses for goods purchased from foreign countries, etc., are known as the most common customs formalities. Customs formalities must be done at the border of all different countries. In fact, the entry and exit of goods from the border of the countries is done based on certain customs procedures, and you will need enough information and experience in this field to do it accurately and correctly. Gezdrazi Trading Group helps you to complete your customs formalities with the highest level of quality.

Customs Formalities Stages

In general, customs formalities depend on the type of goods and it is necessary to obtain licenses from the relevant organizations, which according to the type of goods, you should refer to that organization to obtain a license. In the following, we will provide explanations about the most important stages of customs formalities.

Registration of declaration

It is necessary to prepare and submit a declaration in order to go through other stages of customs formalities and it will help to legalize the export and clearance of goods from customs. So, in the first stage of customs formalities, an online declaration must be registered by the owner of the goods or his legal representative in the EPL system. After completing the declaration process, you will receive a serial number or cottage number from the EPL system. Be careful in entering the relevant information into the system because the discrepancy in the information will cause problems in performing customs formalities and clearance of goods.

Authentication and Determining the Route

At this stage, all authentication and determining route steps are done electronically through online system.

Control of Goods

In the control phase of imported or exported goods, inspectors and experts, after examining the goods, place them in one of the green, yellow or red routes. The goods of the yellow and red routes need to be checked again and the compliance of the goods with the documents provided by the owner of the goods will be checked. Then the declared value and customs records will also be checked again.

Customs Formalities Stages

Obtaining the Required Permits

In order to clear the goods from customs, the necessary permits must be obtained for all imported goods, and the expert issues the necessary permits according to the type of goods and the tariff code of the goods. The main required permits in this field are health standards, taxes, Jihad, medical affairs, etc.

Review of Tariffs and Compatibility of Goods by an Expert

The inspectors will match the customs tariff with the relevant documents and re-evaluate the goods permits and then approve and sign it.

Paying the Cost of Issuing the Goods Clearance Document

After obtaining the final approval from the customs, the owner of the goods is obliged to pay a fee in cash. In fact, the customs department issues an electronic permit to the owner of the goods, after paying the customs fees, the goods will be allowed to exit the customs through the registered permit.

Obtaining Permit to Load Goods

After the goods loading clearance document is issued, the customs will issue the goods loading permit and the owner of the goods must pay the warehousing fee, including the storage time of the goods, unloading and loading of the goods, etc.

Exiting Goods from the Customs

The inspectors at the exit door will check the electronic license and seal and after that they will re-evaluate the value and tariff of the goods and then the warehouse receipt will be issued. After completing this step, you can enter the customs area to transport the goods, and you will be allowed to exit after checking the loading and vehicle of transportation.

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Customs Formalities for Exporting Goods

Password and Inquiry of Customs License

Inquiring a customs license is another step in the customs formalities that uses the serial number of the declaration and license code. By using a customs license, you can carry out your foreign trade legally. You must receive the serial number and code of the customs license in the form of a barcode from the electronic license, and after displaying the code, you must take a printout of it. Currently, instead of issuing paper permits, the customs department inquires customs permits electronically.

Customs Formalities for Exporting Goods

Carrying out import customs formalities is different from export customs formalities. The stages of export customs formalities are as follows:

First, the statement is prepared and delivered. Then the goods are cleared from customs and their final export is done. After this stage, the external processing (that is, the export of raw materials to a third country, which must be done for processing before re-importing, payment of import tax) is done and finally the implementation of customs clearance matters reaches the last stage.

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Customs Formalities and Goods Clearance

This type of customs formalities will be done between the destination country and the customs of the origin country. Each country has different laws in this field, which are specific to that country, and in order to expand your business, you need to be familiar with the customs clearance process and existing laws. When the goods reach the borders of the countries, you must clear them from the customs by performing customs formalities. The customs department will carry out the transportation inside and outside the country by collecting the customs duties. After entering the customs of the destination country, the goods will be kept in the customs warehouse until clearance.

Order Registration Procedures

By registering an order, you can obtain a license to buy foreign goods, which is registered in the system of the Ministry of Commerce. Order registration is one of the initial stages of importing goods and requires receipt of a proforma invoice from the seller. In general, the order registration process for imported goods will include the following:

  • Step 1. Obtaining the necessary information about the tariffs of the goods for order registration
  • Step 2. obtaining the proforma from the goods seller
  • Step 3. Fill out the registration form by referring to the Foreign Vice President of Commerce
  • Step 4. Obtaining permission to enter the goods by the table of export and import regulations from the relevant organizations
  • Step 5. Obtaining the relevant insurance policy
  • Step 6. Registering an order in the transaction bank to order registration and a business card
  • Step 7. obtaining the necessary legal permits based on the tariff chapter in the book of export and import regulations and other laws
  • Step 8: Submit the original and copy of the proforma
  • Step 9. Submit the brochures or catalogs for analysis of goods

Customs Formalities of International Flights

During an international trip, depending on whether you are leaving or entering the country, the airport customs will check your belongings to make sure that you do not have any unauthorized items or luggage. In foreign trips, having more than five thousand euros of currency requires a declaration to the customs. If you need more than this amount, you must inform the relevant authorities.

Customs Formalities of International Flights

Final Words

When we talk about customs formalities, we mean the same processes that are carried out in customs for various matters such as clearance of goods. In order to improve and speed up the process of customs formalities, it is better to contact a reliable and professional consultant in this field to achieve the best possible result. At Gezdrazi Trading Group, we will help you to complete the customs formalities easily for the purpose of providing you with an excellent trading experience.

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