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Customs Clearance of Bushehr Port

2023 / 07 / 15

Bushehr port is one of the most significant and historical commercial ports in Iran and has a history of about 5000 years. Bushehr is 14 km long and is considered as one of Iran's major ports for trade and clearance. Bushehr port with an area of ​​23 thousand and 167 square kilometers is considered as one of the main ports in the south of Iran as well as the Persian Gulf area. The energy resources in Bushehr port have made this area important for oil trade as well, so this port is called Iran's energy port. Due to the special geographical location of this city, the clearance of goods from Bushehr has extremely high traffic. It should be noted that this customs has many advantages that have attracted the attention of many merchants. For instance, clearance of goods from Bushehr is done around the clock, which increases the competition among merchants in this port.

The customs discounts that are considered for the clearance of goods from the customs of Bushehr port due to the non-stopping of ships in Dubai are among the important factors in increasing the traffic of goods clearance from Bushehr. Gezdrazi Trading Company with more than 15 years of activity and experience in the field of goods clearance, will clear your goods from Bushehr customs in the fastest possible time and at the lowest cost.

Customs Clearance of Bushehr Port

Benefits of Clearance from Bushehr

According to the statistics, Bushehr port, receiving more than 8 million tons of goods per day and considered as one of the main hubs in Iran's international trade. Foreign ships from China, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, India, etc. are usually loaded and unloaded in this port. The most important benefits of goods clearance from Bushehr include the following:

  • Customs exemptions for goods which produced in the region
  • Clearance of goods around the clock
  • The possibility of goods entering the region without the need to register an order
  • Having a covered warehouse with an area of ​​37 thousand meters
  • Low storage costs
  • The closest port economic zone to the countries of Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia
  • 20% discounts at Bushehr customs
  • Obtaining a certificate of origin for goods that leave the region and enter their destination
  • The possibility of re-exporting imported goods
  • The possibility of fast transit of cargoes through air, land or sea
  • Capacity of 3 million tons of goods annually

Customs Clearance Steps in Bushehr

The customs clearance steps of Bushehr are almost similar to other Iranian customs, which briefly includes the following:

  • Entering information in the EPL system
  • Printing the statement
  • Obtaining a cottage and determining the route
  • Evaluation of goods
  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Service expert
  • Referring to the fund
  • Exit door
  • Exit of goods
  • Payment of goods clearance from Bushehr customs

In order to clear the car from Bushehr port, you must first register an order at the Ministry of Commerce and then submit the proforma. After that you have to carry out banking affairs. Once the car has entered the customs area, you must apply for a permit and after issuing the clearance permit, you can clear your imported car from Bushehr customs.

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Benefits of Clearance from Bushehr

Necessary Documents for Goods Clearance from Bushehr

In order to clear the goods from Bushehr, you must prepare a declaration and the required documents of which include business card, warehouse bill, necessary permits for goods such as health permit, purchase and sale invoice, etc. The main documents required for customs clearance of Bushehr port are as follows:

  • Customs warehouse bill
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing list
  • Insurance policy
  • Proforma

Procedures for Receiving an Electronic Warehouse Bill

Like other Iranian customs, the warehouse bill is one of the most important documents for the clearance of goods from Bushehr customs. To issue a warehouse bill electronically, you must first enter the EPL customs system and if you do not have an account, create an account and register in the system. After creating an account and logging into the system, you must select from the print menu items such as electronic warehouse bill, manifest number, bill of lading number, national ID of the transport company and the desired customs and then click on the search option and do other things.

It should be noted that carrying out this task requires high precision; if you are the type of merchants that wants all these steps to be done with the highest quality, you can choose Gezdrazi Trading Group and be sure that these steps will be done in the shortest possible time.

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Import from Bushehr Port

The main and most significant goods that are imported through Bushehr port are:

  • Car and motorcycle parts
  • Tires and ball bearing
  • Industrial valves
  • Banana and rice
  • Home appliance parts
  • Fabric

You should take into account that these items have the highest amount of imports from Bushehr port, but shipments of variety of fabrics, restaurant cooking equipment, LED modules and types of tea are also among the main imported goods of this port.

Export from Bushehr Port

Oil and non-oil exports of Iran are carried out through Bushehr customs to 28 countries in the world (18 countries in Asia, 6 countries in Europe, 3 countries in Africa and one country in South America). Most of the exports from Bushehr port customs have been related to the countries of Pakistan, Brazil, Iraq, China, United Arab Emirates and Turkey, which often include petrochemical goods, minerals, vegetables, gas condensate and aquatic related products.

Bushehr Customs Information

Bushehr Customs is located in Bushehr Province, Dehghan Blvd. The website address of Bushehr port customs is WWW.bushehr.irica.ir. This office provides 24-hour services to clients. The head of Bushehr customs is appointed by the head of Iranian customs and has complete control over customs affairs. The contact number of Bushehr Customs is 07733323090 and its SMS number is 200045100. You can also contact Bushehr Customs by email at Boushehrcustom@irica.org.

Bushehr Customs Information

Final Words

Bushehr province due to its special location, has other ports such as Gnaveh Port, Deir, Kangan Port, Asalouye Port, Rig Port, Daylam, Delwar Port, Bovalkhair Port, Nakhel Taghi, etc., which are all among the active ports of Iran. One of the important services of our professional experts at Gezdrazi Trading Company is the customs clearance of Bushehr port, who perform all customs and commercial services and procedures required by merchants with great precision.

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