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Shahryar Customs Clearance

2023 / 07 / 10

Shahryar customs clearance has many economic and commercial advantages for merchants due to its various facilities, services and its convenient geographical location. Shahryar Customs operates in the fields of goods transit, goods export and exhibition affairs. Having a large space, well-equipped warehouses and 24-hour activity in this customs office in order to speed up business affairs are considered as significant advantages of this customs office from an economic point of view. The special advantages of goods clearance from Shahryar have made it one of the most popular customs for merchants.

Shahryar Customs Clearance

Shahryar Customs

Shahryar Customs, which is located in a convenient geographical location, is located near Karaj and Imam Khomeini Airport. This customs is also a short distance from the center of Tehran province and the railway lines. Goods are transported from this customs to the destination in a short period of time and by different ways such as air, land and rail. Shahryar customs started its activity in the field of import and export in 1976 under the supervision of Iranian legal authorities and organizations and is considered as one of the most important customs of Iran's international trade. In fact, this customs is the only commercial land customs in Tehran province, and other customs such as South Tehran Customs, West Tehran Customs and Exhibitions Customs are under the supervision of Shahryar Customs and operate according to the rules and standards of this customs. In terms of weight, the largest amount of goods cleared from Shahryar was related to Turkey, and it was about 35% of the total weight of goods entering Shahryar customs in Tehran. In terms of the percentage of import value, the import from Germany to this customs is about 19%. In the clearance of goods from Shahryar, the weight share of imports from China is 10% and its value is 8%, and the value share of imports from the UAE is also 12%.

Benefits of Goods Clearance from Shahryar Customs

Shahryar Customs has a greatly convenient geographical location and various facilities for international trade, here are some of the most important advantages of Shahryar customs clearance:

  • Being equipped with 14 covered warehouses
  • Having large and well-equipped warehouses for quick unloading and loading of goods
  • Being equipped with an intelligent fire extinguishing system to ensure the safety of goods inside the warehouse
  • Being close to railway lines and international airports
  • 24-hour activity
  • Having advanced machines for unloading and loading goods
  • Proximity to the capital of Iran and the two main highways of Azadegan and Fath
  • Compliance with laws and standards, high safety factor and smart systems to preserve and maintain goods
  • Having warehouses suitable for different types of goods
  • Having regular railway lines next to warehouses
  • Experienced personnel
  • Being equipped with 16 hangar warehouses with an area of ​​about 64092 square meters
  • Having 22 docks with an area of ​​257,392 square meters

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Imported Goods from Shahyar Customs

The customs clearance of Shahyar is mostly related to the following imported goods:

  • Passenger cars
  • Petroleum products
  • Hide (animal skin), leather and salambor
  • Machine made carpet
  • Goods belonging to embassies
  • Military and defense goods
  • Mobile phone and its accessories
  • Medical equipment
  • Cigarettes and tobacco related products
  • Second-hand and new road construction machinery
  • Yarn and fabric
  • Glue
  • Computers, notebooks, computer accessories, cameras and CCTV cameras

Shahryar Customs Clearance Procedures

As we mentioned, Shahyar customs clearance has many economic and commercial advantages. But in order to clear the goods from Shahryar, you must be familiar with its special rules and procedures.

Before referring to the customs and submitting the declaration, you must prepare the necessary documents, so that by presenting them to the experts of the Shahryar customs, you can receive the goods clearance permits and also do the affairs related to the clearance of your goods from the customs warehouse.

The declaration, which is actually the registration of imported and exported goods, is made by the owner of the goods or his legal representative. Many merchants entrust their business affairs to companies and individuals who specialize in this field, in order to save their time and money and reduce the possibility of occurring errors in the clearance process to a great extent. You can also entrust the procedures of clearing your goods from Shahryar Customs to Gezdarzi Trading Company. The general steps of goods clearance from Shahryar customs are as follows:

  • Obtaining a warehouse bill from the goods carrier
  • Obtaining the authentication code in the EPL system
  • Determining the route of goods (green, yellow, red) by an expert
  • Obtaining the original bill of lading from the transport company
  • Providing a certificate of origin
  • Providing a packing list
  • Obtaining an 8-digit order registration code from the comprehensive system
  • Obtaining SATA code from the bank
  • Obtaining and submitting the insurance policy
  • Provision of exploitation license or supply certificate for production company

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Benefits of Goods Clearance from Shahryar Customs

Required Documents for Goods Clearance from Shahryar Customs

The documents you will need to clear goods from Shahryar customs are as follows:

  • Delivery order
  • Packing list
  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Bill of lading related documents
  • Permit and certificate of origin
  • Goods purchase invoices
  • Proforma or pre-invoice sheets and documents
  • Bill of exchange or documents of declarations of currency supply
  • Order registration permit in the trading system
  • Documents related to goods transportation insurance
  • Documents related to customs insurance of goods
  • Payment documents of the transport company
  • Goods exploitation license in production companies
  • Goods brochures and catalogs
  • Goods entry permit to the country
  • Traders business card
  • Legal license related to health, hygiene and standard of foreign goods
  • Customs clearance permit
  • Legal power of attorney of the employee clearance

Important Tips for Goods Clearance from Shahryar Customs

Important Tips for Goods Clearance from Shahryar Customs

To determine the route of the goods by the expert and the inspector, this route will be divided into three colours: green, yellow and red. The green route is specific to goods that do not require laboratory evaluation, obtaining standards and licenses. Goods that require laboratory examination, but do not require physical examination, will be placed on the yellow route, and goods that do not have complete documents in addition to laboratory examination, or their determined value is not in accordance with the stated values, will be placed on the red route.

Another point is related to the import of machinery in Shahryar Customs of Tehran, which is done in two methods. In the first method, machinery is imported from China, Germany and other industrialized countries, and in the second method, used machinery is imported from leading countries in the industry. HS Code will be checked for machinery clearance from Shahryar customs. HS Code is actually an international eight-digit code, in which product information will be displayed. To get HS Code or customs tariff code number of goods, you should refer to the website address: www.irancode.ir

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Shahryar Customs Clearance Fees and Charges

Shahryar customs clearance fee, which is received from the goods owner, includes warehousing, unloading, customs entry fees, import tax for foreign goods, stacking, freight, expertise, laboratory tariffs, etc. and must be paid separately from the entry fee. The cost of goods clearance from Shahryar customs is determined like all Iranian customs and according to the rules of the customs organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The best time to calculate the customs clearance fee is before the goods are entered to the customs.

Contact Information and Address of Shahryar Customs

The customs code of Shahryar is 10300 and the address of Shahryar Customs is in Tehran Province - Fatah Highway (Old Karaj Road) - Fars Gulf Town - Fars Gulf Boulevard - end of Beheshti Street. The customs number is 021-66250632, its main phone number is 021-66250636-7, and the phone number of the financial department is 021-66256119.

Customs postal code: 1379656411

Email: shahriar@pwcs.co.ir

Official website address of Shahriar Customs: www.tehran.pwcs.co.ir

Final Words

Having a reliable source for transportation is one of the main concerns of merchants. In this article, we have completely examined the procedures and conditions of goods clearance from Shahryar customs. Gezdrazi Trading Company, with more than 15 years of experience in various matters related to the export and import of goods, assures you that it will legally carry out trading affairs such as clearance, import and export in Shahryar customs. Contact our experts for more information.

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