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Sea Cargo Clearance

2024 / 01 / 31

In the export and import of goods, one of the secure methods of international transportation is the movement of goods by sea. Sea cargo clearance refers to the process of controlling the security protocols for the export and import of goods through maritime transportation in ports.

Maritime Transportation

Countries with maritime borders and ports can utilize maritime air transportation, rail, and road transportation for exporting and importing goods. This method of transportation in Iran, which has maritime borders to the north and south with several neighbouring countries, is considered an efficient means for exporting and importing goods. In fact, any transfer of goods by ship and other maritime equipment is referred to as sea cargo clearance, which includes the movement of goods on the sea, rivers, lakes, and any other navigable waterway. Due to numerous advantages, maritime transportation is consistently recognized as a priority in the logistics of goods.

Sea Cargo Clearance

Similar to the regulations governing the transportation of goods by land and air in customs, specific laws have been formulated for maritime transportation as well. The process of overseeing the execution of export and import laws for goods transported by sea, established by the Customs Affairs Supervision Organization of Iran, is referred to as the protocol for sea cargo clearance.

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Sea Cargo Clearance

Types of Sea Cargo Transportation Methods

The differences in cargo transportation methods by sea are related to the variation in how goods are transported across the sea. However, various sea cargo transportation methods include the following:

Transhipment Method

Transhipment is a common method of sea transportation where goods are transferred from one ship's containers to another without the need for loading and unloading.

Chartering Method

This method is primarily used for transporting goods such as cotton, sugar, flour, etc., which do not require packaging. The transportation of goods in the chartering method is done by leasing a ship.

Groupage and Project Cargo Method

Another sea freight transportation method is groupage. In this method, small-sized goods with different weights and volumes are sent from Iran to other locations as project cargo. Goods in this method can share space with other companies' bulk cargo and be transported jointly.

Cross Stuffing Method

Sometimes it is not possible to send goods directly from the country of origin to the destination. In such cases, a third port acts as an intermediary in the transportation process, and this type of transfer is called cross-stuffing or intermediation.

Benefits of Maritime Transportation

The majority of global trade is conducted through seas and oceans. The most significant advantages of maritime transportation include:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Versatility in cargo movement
  • Transportation of large goods
  • High security
  • Mechanization and standardization
  • Environmental pollution reduction

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Types of Sea Cargo Transportation Methods

Sea Cargo Clearance

When a sea cargo enters or exits, it must comply with the customs laws and regulations of the countries of origin and destination. In this process, the cargoes need to be cleared, and necessary customs procedures must be followed. To clear the goods, documents such as transport documents (including bill of lading), invoice, packing list, insurance, and other relevant documents are required. These documents are used to prove the specifications and value of the cargo for customs formalities. The steps for clearing goods are similar, but each type of cargo requires its specific authorization.

Bill of Lading

In the clearance of sea cargo, the bill of lading holds significant importance. Essentially, the bill of lading is a document that specifies the details of the cargo, the sender, and the receiver. It serves as a document and authorization through which the transportation of the cargo will not have any legal restrictions.

Customs Clearance of Sea Cargo from Dubai

Customs clearance of sea cargo from Dubai is one of the services that many traders engaged in the export or import of luxury goods from Dubai often deal with. For more information about the customs clearance regulations for sea cargo from countries such as Dubai, China, etc., you can refer to reliable customs sources in Dubai or get in touch with customs consultants at Gezderazi Trading Company. We are here to assist you in completing the customs clearance procedures for your cargo in the shortest possible time.

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