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The Duration of Customs Clearance

2023 / 10 / 09

In today's world, time is one of the most important and valuable assets for every individual, which is passing quickly. This is especially crucial for traders who highly value it. One of the first questions that merchants always ask trade consultants is, "How long does it take to clear goods through customs?"

This matter is vital and can significantly contribute to increasing the profitability of businesses if handled correctly. Therefore, it's essential to know that the most successful traders are those who clear their commercial projects through customs and deliver them to their target markets as quickly as possible. In addition to expediting the process, reducing the cost of customs clearance is one of the main factors in increasing your profitability.

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In this regard, you can trust Gezderazi Trading Group and entrust us with the customs clearance of your goods so that we can perform this task for you with the highest quality in the shortest possible time.

Duration of customs clearance

However, regarding the question of how long it takes to clear goods through customs, we must say that it usually takes at least one week. However, please note that for some goods, this process can be expedited.

Keep in mind that we have discussed the minimum duration of customs clearance. In fact, if you are not familiar with the necessary legal processes and customs clearance procedures, your goods may remain in the customs warehouse for weeks, and the customs clearance process can become challenging and complicated for you. For this reason, we recommend collaborating with companies that specialize in this field to expedite customs procedures and the clearance of your goods.

Factors Affecting the Duration of Customs Clearance

As mentioned earlier, the minimum duration for customs clearance of goods is one week. However, there are other factors that may either shorten or lengthen this duration.

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The duration of customs clearance depends on what factors?

It's important to understand that patience and maintaining composure during the customs clearance process are the most crucial tasks you need to undertake. If you entrust this task to experienced individuals, they will undoubtedly expedite the customs clearance of your goods in the shortest possible time.You are probably aware that customs clearance involves various stages and numerous details. In summary, the key steps in the customs clearance process include the following:

  1. Order Registration: Initiating the customs clearance process by registering the order.
  2. Accurate Document Preparation: Ensuring the precise and proper preparation of documents, including invoices and packing lists.
  3. Bank Visit for Obtaining SATACode: Visiting the bank for obtaining the SATACode, which is necessary for customs clearance.
  4. Accurate Data Entry in EPL System: Registering detailed information about the goods in the EPL system, which aids in the customs clearance process and customs procedures.
  5. Obtaining Necessary Permits: Obtaining any required permits, such as health standards, if necessary.

All of these steps, with precise planning (for example, before the goods arrive at customs), obtaining order registration, securing foreign exchange allocation from the central bank, accurate valuation, and determining the exact tariff for your goods in the customs clearance process, among others, will result in fewer challenges and, consequently, reduce both time and costs for you.

In conclusion, proper preparation, adherence to regulations, and collaboration with experts in customs clearance can significantly impact the duration and efficiency of the customs clearance process for your goods.

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Factors That Contribute to Increased Project Time and Loss

The most obvious issue regarding the duration of customs clearance at customs is that the longer your goods stay at customs, the more losses and damages you will incur. If we talk about these costs and incurred losses, they can be categorized into two main types: direct costs and indirect costs.

Direct costs:

  • Warehousing Costs
  • Demurrage or Container Delay Costs (if the goods are imported in containers and the clearance is containerized)
  • Delay in Obtaining Permits

Indirect losses:

If you cannot import your goods into the market within the specified time, you will lag behind your competitors and fail to supply your target market. Additionally, some goods may be seasonal, and if they are not introduced to the market at the right time, there may no longer be demand for them. This cycle plays out over the course of a year. While you may have the opportunity to import your goods multiple times over twelve months, delays and extended customs clearance times could reduce this to just one or two times a year. Therefore, the speed and efficiency of customs clearance play a crucial role in the success of your business.

Duration of stoppage of commercial goods in customs

Final Words

In this article from Gezderazi Trading Geoup, we have discussed one of the key elements of customs clearance, which is time. Many individuals who engage in customs clearance understand that losing time, even in some cases a very short amount of time, can lead to significant losses and damages for them, potentially keeping them from achieving their desired profits.

An important and crucial point in this regard is that if you intend to handle customs clearance procedures yourself, it is better to seek advice from experts in this field before taking any action.

Our entire effort at Gezderazi Trading Group is aimed at identifying the various factors that can lead to an increase in customs clearance time and addressing them to the best of our ability. If needed, we can handle these procedures from start to finish for you, providing comprehensive support throughout the process.

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