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Bearing Clearance

2023 / 09 / 02

Bearing is one of the most crucial industrial components used in factories and production workshops, produced in various types and with different applications. Unfortunately, in Iran, the technology to manufacture all types of bearings is not available, which necessitates importing a portion of the domestic market's demand. One of the industries with a high demand for bearings is the automotive industry. Bearings are used in automobile engines, wheels, and other rotating parts in both heavy and light vehicles, generators, electric windows, mirrors, and electric motors. Bearings are essentially rotating or ball gear wheels responsible for enabling rotation in any device. They assist in transferring power between components, prevent friction, and protect against wear and tear of surfaces and parts.

In this article from Gezderazi Commerce, we intend to familiarize you with the principles of bearing clearance, the process involved, and the expenses you need to cover during the clearance. So stay with us until the end.

Importing the Required Bearings for Iran

Bearing imports for Iran are commonly sourced from countries such as China, Korea, Japan, and various European countries.

Successful bearing manufacturers

Successful bearing imports involve choosing goods with good quality and performance that meet the needs of the target market while also offering a competitive final price. Regarding bearing imports, some of the brands and products that have high demand and quality among consumers include:

  • Japanese companies: NMB, NTN, NSK
  • German companies: INA, FAG

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Bearing Clearance

If you do not handle the entire process of bearing clearance correctly, you may not succeed in this endeavour. Therefore, to import these products, you need to be well-informed about customs regulations and stay updated on the latest changes. Our experts at Gezderazi Commerce, with their complete understanding of customs regulations, can handle the bearing clearance process for you in the shortest possible time.

Stages of Bearing Clearance from Customs

To clear bearings from customs, you must go through several stages. One way to simplify these steps and expedite the clearance process is to seek the services of reputable companies like Gezderazi Commerce. This company has a remarkable track record in the field of bearing clearance.

For a better understanding of the customs clearance process for bearings, we will briefly explain the stages here:

  1. Receiving the proforma invoice.
  2. Obtaining the order registration.
  3. Registering the declaration in the epl system.
  4. Receiving the cottage.
  5. Determining the evaluation and inspection route.
  6. Obtaining the standardization permit.
  7. Receiving the Sata code.
  8. Paying customs duties and taxes.
  9. Referring to the exit gate.
  10. Loading the goods.
  11. Final goods exit.

At first glance, these stages may seem simple, but each involves significant administrative complexities, and carrying them out may take a considerable amount of time. For this reason, many individuals are unable to handle these steps themselves or decide to delegate the process to active companies specialized in customs clearance due to their busy schedules.

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Stages of Bearing Clearance from Customs

Important Points in Bearing Clearance

If you want your bearing goods to be cleared through customs easily, you must first familiarize yourself with customs regulations and obtain the necessary permits from relevant authorities. In this section, we will highlight some of the most important points in bearing clearance:

  • Some imported items must be registered in the NTWS system. For importing bearings, you need to register your goods in this system and obtain the corresponding identification number. When registering the goods in the NTWS system, you need to provide details such as brand, model, manufacturer's name, country of origin, and technical specifications of the product. Once a product is registered in the system, it does not require re-registration if someone else intends to import it later.
  • In the past, valuation was based on the weight of the goods, taking into account the sensitivity of valuation. However, currently, bearing valuation should be done numerically and using a specific identification code assigned to the product.

It is crucial to stay informed about the latest customs procedures and requirements to ensure a smooth and successful clearance process for bearing imports. Seeking the assistance of experienced companies like Gezderazi Commerce can help streamline the process and ensure compliance with all customs regulations.

Customs Tariff for Bearing Clearance

It is worth mentioning that traders must be aware of the relevant laws and the latest changes before taking any action regarding the clearance of goods. To determine the import tariff for bearings, you need to refer to the respective row in the customs regulations. In this section, we will introduce you to the eight-digit HS (Harmonized System) codes or tariff line numbers for some bearings-related items:

  • Row 84821000: Specifically for the import of various types of bearings, especially industrial bearings.
  • Row 84822000: Specifically for the import of tapered roller bearings.
  • Row 84823000: Specifically for the import of spherical roller bearings.
  • Row 84824000: Specifically for the import of needle roller bearings.
  • Row 84825000: Specifically for the import of other types of roller bearings.

By identifying the correct HS code for your specific bearing product, you can determine the applicable import tariff rate and ensure compliance with customs regulations during the clearance process.

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Customs Tariff for Bearing Clearance

Clearance of Bearings Using Gezderazi Commerce Services

Traders and importers can expedite the clearance process of bearings by utilizing the services of Gezderazi Commerce. As a legal representative, Gezderazi Commerce handles all aspects of the clearance process for your goods from start to finish. Consequently, within a short period of time and at a reasonable and fair cost, you can clear your imported bearings from customs and make them available for sale in the domestic market.

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