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Clearance of Household Appliances

2023 / 08 / 28

Our need for using household appliances is entirely natural, and without these appliances in our lives, we would undoubtedly face many challenges. As you know, reputable brands like LG and Samsung were once thriving in the Iranian market but have now become scarce or are no longer present in Iranian households. A significant reason for their absence in Iran is related to the sanctions that the country has faced.

Until 2018, a wide range of fully prepared household appliances were imported into Iran. However, after the approval of laws supporting domestic production, the import of household appliances was banned. Imports of these items are now limited, and they are mostly allowed through border markets.

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By familiarizing yourself with the stages and regulations of household appliance clearance, you can enter one of the highly profitable businesses in Iran and multiply your capital in a short period of time. Gezderazi Commerce aims to introduce you to the complete process of clearing this category of goods from customs. Stay with us to learn more.

The Importance of Importing Various Household Appliance Parts

As mentioned earlier, since 2018, the import of household appliances to Iran has been significantly restricted through legal channels, and the limited amount of imports does not meet the country's needs. Therefore, to fulfil the demand, various parts of household appliances need to be imported and then assembled and produced in Iran.

It should be noted that certain types of household appliances, such as steam cleaners, steam irons, and split air conditioners, can still be imported in their complete form through customs. However, the import of appliances like rice cookers, juicers, blenders, and electrical and electronic devices is strictly prohibited in Iran. Consequently, importers have had to shift their focus to producing these products domestically.

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Clearance of Household Appliances

It is essential to consider that some specialized parts of household appliances need to be produced by expert manufacturers, and domestic producers may not have the capacity to manufacture these specific components. Therefore, the required parts need to be imported from other countries, particularly China, and then assembled in Iran to create the final product. Hence, it is crucial to be familiar with the process of household appliance and parts clearance from customs.

This is where Gezderazi Commerce's expertise comes in handy, as they have a track record of valuable work and a well-experienced team specializing in this field. By offering suitable solutions for importing and manufacturing to factories, manufacturers, and individuals, they can assist in the legal clearance of the necessary household appliance parts from customs.

Familiarity with the Laws Related to Clearance of Household Appliances and Their Parts from Customs

If you are among the active traders in the field of importing household appliances or a domestic manufacturer who assembles household appliance parts and supplies them in domestic and international markets, you need to be familiar with the laws regarding the clearance of household appliances and their parts from customs.

In this context, there are intermediary companies that can assist you in the process of household appliance clearance. If you wish to clear your goods from customs in a short period of time and at a reasonable cost, it is advisable to trust Gezderazi Commerce and entrust this task to our customs experts. However, you can also gain a general understanding of the household appliance clearance process by continuing to read this article.

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Import of household appliance parts

Special Facilities and Benefits for Manufacturers

Customs has provided special conditions for manufacturers who produce household appliance products and export them to other countries. These companies can clear the required household appliance parts from customs on credit. These facilities are solely aimed at promoting domestic production.

Special Facilities for Iranian Expatriates

Iranians residing abroad can import their used electrical appliances to Iran without any specific conditions. It should be noted that these household appliances should not have a commercial nature and should be suitable for use in Iran.

The Stages of Clearance for Household Appliances from Customs

Before taking any action, it is essential to consider that new regulations are set for the clearance of household appliance parts on a daily basis. Therefore, we recommend that instead of attempting individually and through trial and error, contact our experts at Gezderazi Commerce to receive comprehensive and necessary information in this regard. We are well acquainted with all the laws and conditions for clearing household appliances and can handle this process for you in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs.

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Customs tariff of household appliances

If you intend to clear goods such as household appliances or related parts from customs, you should follow the below steps in order:

  1. Proforma invoice.
  2. Initiate the order registration process.
  3. Proceed with banking transactions for purchasing and transferring the mentioned goods.
  4. Receive a cottage and register it in the EPL system.
  5. Assessment and inspection of the goods.
  6. Obtain the required permits.
  7. Obtain the tracking code from the issuing bank.
  8. Pay the customs duties and fees.
  9. Proceed with loading and exporting the goods.

Final Words

In this article, we have acquainted you with everything you need to know about clearing household appliances from customs. While you can handle these procedures personally, it is evident that entrusting these specialized tasks to experienced experts in this field significantly reduces the chances of errors, financial losses, and time wastage. For this reason, we at Gezderazi Commerce are ready to provide services to shorten this process for you. To learn more about the cooperation conditions with us regarding the clearance of household appliance parts, please get in touch with our experts.

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