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What is an export license? Complete guide

2024 / 01 / 30

Individuals who intend to sell their desired goods in other countries must export them from Iran through land and air borders. For this purpose, the goods need to undergo inspection at the customs. Only goods with a customs export license are allowed to leave the customs and enter another country. Otherwise, exporting goods will not be possible. If you want to obtain your export license in the shortest possible time, don't miss this information from Gezderazi Trading Company.

What is Export License?

An export license, also known as an export permit, is a legal document that traders and merchants need to obtain for exporting goods to other countries. Given the vast global market, selling goods internationally becomes more accessible. You can export your desired shipment to another country and earn foreign income, thereby preserving the value of your capital. However, in order to export goods to another country, you must obtain the necessary legal permits.

One of the most crucial licenses you need to obtain for the exit of your goods from customs and their entry into another country is the export license. After delivering the export goods, customs will inspect them and then issue a document known as the export license. With this license, you can load your goods through international transit lines and deliver them to the destination country.

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What is Export License?

Variety of information are recorded in each export license. Some of the details included in export-related licenses are:

  • Name of the goods owner
  • Code related to the exporting country
  • Code related to the destination country
  • Bank account information
  • Export exchange rate
  • Description of the goods
  • Details related to shipping
  • Method of exporting goods

How to Obtain an Export License

The process of obtaining an export license involves familiarity with customs laws, regulations, and any changes in them. Those who intend to obtain an export license should have experience in navigating through these regulations. Otherwise, the process may be time-consuming or even face challenges. You can utilize the services of a trading company like "Gezderazi" to handle all your customs-related matters (Obtaining an export license is also one of the services provided by this trading company).

If we want to generally introduce the process of obtaining an export license, we should point to the following steps:

  1. Before anything else, you need to prepare the necessary documents required for obtaining an export license.
  2. Once your documents are verified, you can send your goods to customs using the services of a transportation company. If customs discovers that some of the declared information is incomplete or incorrect upon receiving your shipment, they will inform you. You must promptly complete your documents and provide them to customs.
  3. In the final step, the export license will be handed over to you so that you can clear your goods from customs and deliver them to your foreign customer. To do this, a bill of lading is presented to an international transportation company for the goods to be delivered to the foreign customer.

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How to Obtain an Export License

Documents Required for Obtaining an Export License

Documents required for obtaining an export license vary, and as mentioned, in the initial stage of the export process, you need to prepare the necessary documents and submit them to the Customs Administration for the issuance of the export license. Some of the required documents for obtaining this license include:

  • Copy of all identification documents of the actual exporter of the goods or all members of the board of directors of the legal entity exporter.
  • Completed application form for the issuance of an export license.
  • Notarized copy of your contract with foreign customers.
  • Original production permit for the goods.
  • Export permit (only for goods requiring a permit for export).

To successfully obtain your export license from customs, you must ensure that your documents are complete.

Buying and Selling Export Licenses

As you know, international currencies are used for exporting goods to other countries. By buying and selling export licenses to importers, the relevant foreign currency for placing orders can be provided. All these transactions are carried out electronically in the comprehensive trade system. For details on how to proceed, you can consult with the experts at Gezderazi Trade Company.

In the image below, you can see an example of an export license. In this license, all details related to the goods exporter are specified.

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Buying and Selling Export Licenses

Acquiring an export license with Gezdarazi Trade Company

If you want to obtain your export license in the shortest possible time or need to be familiar with all customs regulations, it is advisable to either have a good understanding of all customs regulations or take advantage of the services of a reputable trading company that handles all customs affairs. At Gezdarazi Trade Company, we handle all the steps involved in obtaining the customs export license for you and can even assist you in its buying and selling. To learn more about how we can collaborate, contact our experts at Gezdarazi Trade Company.

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