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Bazargan Customs Clearance

2023 / 07 / 03

Bazargan customs is one of the most significant customs in Iran for the transfer of European goods. The convenient geographical location of Bazargan Customs has made the clearance of goods from this customs important for many domestic and foreign merchants. Bazargan Customs is located on the route of Iran's trade with countries such as Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, etc., and this has caused commercial transfers through this customs at a lower cost. This issue is the main reason for the importance of clearing goods from the Bazargan customs. Gezdrazi Trading Company, despite its brilliant history in the field of export and import of goods, has also been active in the matter of Bazargan border import and Bazargan goods clearance, so you can entrust your business affairs to the experts of this company.

Bazargan Customs Clearance

Bazargan Customs

Bazargan customs is located one kilometre away from Bazargan city (from Mako city), which was established in 1926 and is known as one of the old and famous customs of Iran. This customs has also made it possible for domestic merchants and traders to import their goods from other customs of Azerbaijan (which are under the control of Bazargan customs). This customs in Turkey is known as Gurblag customs and it is the only international customs border between Iran and Turkey that is active around the clock. The most important goods imported from Bazargan Customs include clothes, anti-theft doors, decorative accessories, dishes, plastic items, cloth, etc. In 2015, the amount of imports from Bazargan border and Bazargan customs was more than 497 thousand tons with a value of 653 million dollars, which was actually equivalent to 1.49% of the value share of the total import of goods to Iran.

Benefits of Bazargan Customs Clearance

Bazargan customs has two dock areas and a large customs transit zone with an area of ​​about 100,000 square meters and five covered warehouses. The main benefits of Bazargan clearance are as follows:

  • Favourable and suitable weather conditions
  • The possibility of ground transportation and having two entrance doors for loading trucks, buses and passenger cars to carry out importation from Bazargan border as quickly as possible
  • having a common boundary with Turkey and a convenient location for importing European goods
  • Easy, fast and affordable access to Europe and Asia
  • Having suitable facilities and infrastructure in the region
  • The possibility of clearing goods from Bazargan border by the Pilevari clearance method

Also, the location of Bazargan Customs in the free zone has other benefits for merchants to clear their goods. Regarding the Pilevari method, we should also say that with the Pilevari card, a border resident can easily export and import goods through customs by obtaining a few numbers of documents.

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Benefits of Bazargan Customs Clearance

Bazargan Customs Clearance Procedures

The activities related to the clearance of goods in all customs offices of Iran should be carried out according to the general instructions and laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Clearance of goods from Bazargan border also has special rules and formalities, and clearance of any goods from Bazargan customs requires obtaining permits from the Industry, Mine & Trade Organization. Some goods are in the list of prohibited goods and are not allowed to enter Iran. Therefore, it is necessary to get acquainted with its rules and regulations in order to clear your goods from Bazargan customs. To clear goods from Bazargan customs, like other customs in Iran, in the first step, you must obtain the necessary documents and permits from the relevant organizations, and by submitting these documents to the customs office and performing customs formalities, proceed to clear your goods. Before clearing the goods from the Bazargan customs, a declaration form must be submitted for clearance and completion of all information related to the type of goods, their net and gross weight, the value of the goods, the number of containers, etc. This information determines the fees that must be paid to the customs office. To prepare this statement, you must first enter the EPL system via the irica.gov.ir website address. If we want to summarize the procedures for clearing goods from the Bazargan customs, these steps will be as follows:

  • Entering all necessary information into the EPL system
  • Making a printout of the declaration
  • Obtaining a cottage and determining the route by an expert
  • Step of checking the goods (based on the information you have entered)
  • Obtaining all necessary permits for goods clearance
  • Service expert (virtual)
  • Customs receipt and referring to the warehouse and pay 10% of the cost of foreign lines
  • Referring to the exit door in order to exit the goods from customs

Required Documents for Goods Clearance from Bazargan Customs

The main documents you need to carry out customs affairs such as clearance of goods from the Bazargan border are as follows:

  • Business card
  • Goods purchase documents
  • Necessary permits to import goods (such as health and Red Crescent permits)
  • Goods bill of lading
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Inspection certificates
  • Goods insurance policy
  • Bank documents (if the goods were imported by the banking system)
  • Proforma invoice
  • Delivery order
  • Customs warehouse bill
  • List of complete load information

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Bazargan Customs Clearance Procedures

Allowed Goods for Import

The entry and clearance of goods from Bazargan customs are allowed and common for the following goods:

Import and clearance of all kinds of accessories and spare parts, all kinds of parquet, heavy duty cutting machines, agricultural machinery, artificial grass carpets, household appliances, thread, industrial and household sewing machines, iron profiles, plastic materials, computer parts, bedroom furniture sets, kitchen appliances such as cast iron and steel pot, high pressure pipe, etc.

Bazargan Customs Clearance Fees and Charges

In order to clear the goods from the Bazargan customs, costs such as unloading, storage, transportation to loading, laboratory, customs, etc. must be paid. The owner of goods will be charged for these costs along with input costs. The cost of customs clearance depends on the value and type of goods. The above customs fees will be charged separately from the import duties. The entry fee for goods clearance is 5% of the customs value, in addition to commercial profit, which the Iranian Customs Organization is responsible for collecting and is collected for the definitive import procedure. It should be noted that the cost of clearance and all costs related to the import of goods in all Iranian customs are the same and are determined based on the customs law of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Address and Contact Information of Bazargan Customs

To communicate with Bazargan customs, refer to its official website, www.bazargan.pwcs.co.ir. The e-mail address of this customs is bazargan@pwcs.co.ir and the address of Bazargan Customs is: West Azarbaijan Province - Mako City - Marz Bazargan and its postal code is 5867134535.

Final Words

Bazargan Customs is one of the most important customs in Iran. Gezdrazi Trading Company, with more than 15 years of experience in various matters related to the export and import of goods, assures you that it will legally carry out trading affairs such as clearance, import and export in Bazargan customs. Contact our experts for more information.

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